Next-Gen Xbox Scarlett Releases Holiday 2020; Launches With Halo Infinite

Xbox Scarlett

Xbox fans looking to get their hands on Microsoft's next-gen console, Xbox Scarlett, will be able to do so around the holidays in 2020, and the new system will launch with Halo Infinite. Rumors about Microsoft's "Project Scarlett" began in 2018, and the company spent its time leading up to its E3 2019 presentation teasing Xbox Scarlett on social media.

Microsoft learned a lot of hard lessons from its launch of the Xbox One, which came with a considerable amount of controversy. Players denounced the console upon learning about its DRM restrictions, which would prevent them from sharing titles with friends, as well as playing used games. Fortunately, the company later abandoned the idea after public outcry. The Xbox One began to earn a reputation as a solid console, though, after announcing backward compatibility, which allows users to play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. Although that did earn the company some player trust, the console continues to lag behind its main competitor, the PS4, in sales.

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It seems that Microsoft has learned from its past mistakes. During its 2019 E3 presentation, Microsoft introduced its next-generation console, the Xbox Scarlett, referring to it as the most powerful and best-performing console the company has released to date. Coming from the same team who created the Xbox One X and the Elite Controller, Microsoft boasted that the Xbox Scarlett will be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X, have DDR6, support 8K and have 120fps capability. The company also claims that it created a new SSD for this particular system, which will perform at least 40 times better than current-generation consoles. Here's the official announcement:

However, a new system is nothing without games. Microsoft also announced that Xbox Scarlett will launch with Halo Infinite, the sixth title in the Halo franchise. Most industry professionals expected more information about the game at E3, and Microsoft delivered with a new Halo Infinite trailer for the title, featuring none other than Master Chief:

Although the Xbox Scarlett announcement did not specifically mention backward compatibility with previous generation Xbox consoles, the company's presentation did mention players being able to have games and experiences continuous from one generation to another, suggesting that Microsoft will continue to offer that feature on the new console.

Gamers wanting to get their hands on an Xbox Scarlett and Halo Infinite won't have long to wait: both will launch during the holiday season of 2020. For those who want to keep up with all things E3 this week, stay up to date with our E3 hub.

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