Xbox One X Still Very Much Needs Exclusive Games

Update: January 30, 2018: Microsoft is trying to address this issue through acquisitions and is reportedly interested in EA, PUBG Corp, and even Valve!

In the spring we looked at the current state of Xbox One's games and declared the obvious: that they really need bigger exclusives this year to combat the hot streak of exclusives Sony had for the PlayStation 4. This would be especially important in 2017 to support a new, more powerful upcoming console in the Xbox One X (Project Scorpio). After Microsoft's presentations at E3 2017 in June and Gamescom this week, they've not quite delivered.

While some speculated and hoped that the "most powerful console ever" would support some form of VR headset (especially given Microsoft's partnership with Oculus VR to include Xbox One controllers with the Rift) and launch with something massive and must-play like a new Halo game, instead the big title for Xbox One X this holiday season would be Crackdown 3 - a sequel to a massively disappointing game in Crackdown 2.

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The first Crackdown was legitimately fun so there's a reason for the fandom but it's irrelevant now since Crackdown 3 was just delayed until 2018. It's no longer a launch title for the Xbox One X, leaving the only real exclusive triple-A launch game for Xbox One X being Forza Motorsport 7, another entry in the annualized car racing series. And the more exciting upcoming game, Sea of Thieves, is not coming soon either so where are the most-play games to grow the Xbox brand and compete with PS4?

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There's of course the port of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds as well, the most popular PC shooter that's still in early access - and this is a biggie for the Xbox One family - but even that one's only a timed console exclusive. It will release for PlayStation 4 likely next year.

Fortunately, the third-parties are coming out very strong this fall with mega blockbusters including but not limited to Assassin's Creed: Origins, Destiny 2, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Call of Duty: WWII, etc. so gamers across the board will have plenty of big franchise sequels to look forward. And for gamers who invest in the more expensive Xbox One X, many of the third-party games and already-released titles will have Xbox One X enhancements.

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