Xbox One Slim Image & Details: 4K, 2TB, & New Controller

Xbox One hardware upgrade?

Just a few weeks ago, speculation started to build that Microsoft is developing a new version of the Xbox One console to support Virtual Reality. Microsoft has already partnered with Oculus Rift to include Xbox One controllers with the headset but the publisher needs its own VR solution, especially with PlayStation VR just around the corner.

It is also believed that Microsoft will be announcing not one but possibly two new versions of the Xbox One console at this year’s E3. Along with rumors about the possibility of Sony releasing a PS4.5k or ‘PlayStation Neo,’ Microsoft is thought to be getting ready to launch an upgraded console. A recent leaked promotional image for an Xbox One ‘slim’ appears to confirm at least one of those rumors is true.

Polygon reports that the image shows the new slim Xbox model will be white in color and as you can see from the image, half of the the machine will be solid white, the other half textured. The 'slim' model is also smaller in size, as its width is roughly the same as two controllers side by side. Adding a difference in color is a new all-black bezel at the very bottom with a USB in one side and the IR on the other.


In addition, the original post on NeoGAF shows text next to it that lists a number of specifications. It says that it will be 40 percent smaller than the original machine, include a 2 terabyte hard drive and be capable of 4k video output. The poster also states that the new edition of the machine will be able to be positioned vertically and come packaged with a redesigned controller. It is not immediately obvious what may be new with the controller -- whether it is more in line with the standard one released on day one -- or if it is similar to the elite controller that is fully customizable. There is also no hint at what the retail price will be.

Ever since chatter started about the possibility of new console versions being released, some fans have expressed their concern. It could usher in a new era in console gaming, an aspect of which that only PC gamers are really familiar with – that is: regular upgrades and enhancements. Console gamers have been more than happy to purchase ‘slim’ machines before, with the PS3 having multiple iterations but they were released several years after the original console and at a very attractive price. Sony and Microsoft still have some convincing to do at their E3 press conferences if they are looking to make buying an updated console something consumers will buy into.

Screen Rant will bring you more updates regarding the Xbox One as news is made available.

Source: Polygon, NeoGAF

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