Xbox One S Digital's Box Art and Release Date Plans Revealed

There have been rumors circulating recently about a disc-less version of the Xbox One S being released in the near future, and it seems that it won't be long until Microsoft makes an official announcement. New information about the content and release date of the digital-only Xbox One has made its way online.

The rumored disc-less Xbox One S has been referred to internally as "Xbox Maverick," and images of the system started appearing online earlier this month. The intention seems to be for Microsoft to release a cheaper Xbox One console that saves money by not including a disc drive, which means that the consumer will only be able to purchase and play digital games.

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There has been a new information leak concerning the disc-less Xbox, which is rumored to be called the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Windows Central has acquired documents and images of the system that have revealed new details about when the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will launch and what games will be bundled with the console. The picture below is a digital mockup of an image of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition box that was created over at Windows Central that was made to protect the origin of the original photo.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is rumored to be revealed mid-April and will be released worldwide on May 7, 2019. The system will come with a 1TB hard drive and bundled with codes for the digital versions of Forza Horizon 3, Minecraftand Sea of Thievesthough the system will notably not include any content related to the Xbox Game Pass.

The idea of releasing a cheaper model of the Xbox One S that only runs digital games might seem like a smart move for Microsoft, but it could be indicative of their plans going forward. Microsoft has already outlined its upcoming Project xCloud service, which aims to be a Netflix-style service for video games and a pivot towards streaming services, which may be a big part of the business model of the successor to the Xbox One. Google might have already beaten Microsoft to the punch by announcing its Stadia platform at GDC 2019, but there are still concerns and unanswered questions about how well the Stadia service will function. Microsoft has been working in the gaming sector for a long time now, and they would be far better prepared for the challenges of a streaming gaming service than a company like Google.

It seems as if Microsoft and Sony are gearing up for the reveals of their next consoles, and Google's presence in the marketplace might convince them to announce their new systems sooner rather than later. A cheaper version of the Xbox One S that only runs digital games seems like a smart idea, as the prices of digital games available for the Xbox One will only go down as we enter the next console generation. The price of a system and its library is a huge factor for customers, and a cheaper alternative to the current Xbox One might be a huge draw to those who can't afford the new systems that will be arriving in the future.

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Source: Windows Central

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