PC Gamers Can Now Stream To An Xbox One

PC to Xbox One Streaming

Microsoft has updated its Wireless Display app to allow users to stream PC games directly to an Xbox One. The update represents another step in Microsoft’s push to closer unify the Xbox and PC ecosystems. The Xbox Play Anywhere initiative already allows eligible Xbox games to be playable on both console and PC. In something of an inverse, players can now use their console to project their PC games to their home display.

This marks the first rollout of the app for Xbox One players. Testers have had their hands on the wireless display app (previously known as Connect on Windows) for several months. Prior to this update, the app was previously used to cast PC content to the Microsoft Surface Hub.

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As reported by The Verge, PC games, such as those on Steam, can be played using an Xbox controller thanks to the Wireless Display app. Unfortunately, the software doesn’t support those devices, despite Microsoft adding keyboard and mouse support to Xbox One last year. Traditional inputs are instead handled with a controller. Users can also mirror Android games to a TV and project Microsoft Edge. Photos and videos can also be shared through the console. Keep in mind that the Wireless Display app does not support protected content. That means projecting Netflix and Hulu, for example, is off the table.

Xbox One S discless

To get set up, first you’ll need to download the free Wireless Display app. It can be installed either to the console directly via the Xbox App store or the online Microsoft Store. Open up the app on Xbox to find a blue screen stating it’s ready to make a connection. After that you’ll want to hit Windows Key+P on your PC to bring up the screen sharing sidebar. Select “connect to a wireless display” towards the bottom. Your Xbox should appear among the options. Select it and voila! You’ve got a PC screen on your TV with your console acting as the middleman.

This update positions the Windows Display app as probably the most ideal way to play PC games through Xbox. It’s also the latest rumble in all of the noise Microsoft’s been making lately in the games industry. Rumors of a digital-only Xbox One have gained traction, and news of a slew of new consoles that will supposedly debut at E3 2019 has been circulating as well. There’s also that whole thing with the Xbox Live appearing on Nintendo Switch, a move that's sure to alter many companies' plans in the future. Overall, Microsoft appears to be creeping towards transforming the Xbox brand into a multi-purpose, omnipresent service rather than just a standalone console.

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Source: The Verge

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