Evil's Shift Controller Is Our New Xbox One Favorite

For Xbox One players looking to up their gameplay performance or comfort, there are several premium options for better controllers. Microsoft released their own popular Elite controller featuring a few magnetic parts which can be swapped out and there's of course a few options from esports fave SCUF which let players customize the look, triggers, sticks, and buttons to make it their own - for a price.

Now there's another top tier option from Evil Controllers called the Shift. This new controller design, now available for the Xbox One, is catering towardsr pro gamers and is approved for esports use. But there a few key differences between the X1 Evil Shift and the competition, and two of them in particular have us sold on it being our new go-to for shooters.

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First and and foremost, the Shift is customizable right from the Evil Controllers online storefront but more on that later. It features the same body as standard Xbox One controller but is lightweight and can come with textured paddles which we high recommend. Forget about that stock plastic!

The best controller paddles out there

It comes with four built-in paddles which easy to press and optimally placed, something that puts it above the SCUF controllers. The Shift's are not only the best placed paddles of all the customizable, high level Xbox One controllers on the market, but they can be mapped to any button on the controller without the need for software or extra hardware. That's right, you can do this on the fly-mid game. This alone makes the Shift and easy recommendation for the Call of Duty and Rainbow Six Siege players out there.

The precision and comfort doesn't end there though. Evil's Shift also comes with hairpin triggers and sensitive buttons for a quick, efficient touch. These are the key feature when it comes to core functionality and there a few other options players can opt into from the store.

What You Can Customize With Your Evil Shift Controller

Microsoft has their own design lab for players interested in customizing the colors of a stock controller and adding a little bit of text on it, and Evil Controllers offers a version of this as well. There are several base colors and pre-determined patterns and camo designs to choose from. There aren't enough and more customizable options here would go a long way, so the emphasis here is on designing the physical attributes for performance.

In addition to the base color for the top of the controller and textured grips on the bottom sides (there are a limited amount of color options here as well), players can add text or their Gamertag to either side of the controller. There are a few graphics to choose from but customers disappointingly cannot upload their own vector image. The more impressive option is the ability to change the color of the face buttons, D-Pad, and of the Xbox LED light in the top center.

Onto the good stuff, the other options let players add remappable paddles (do it!), sensitive buttons/hair triggers (do it!), and replace the original stock analog thumbsticks with Evil's own sticks where players can choose the height level of each individually. These are magnetic and swappable just like Microsoft's own Elite Controller and we highly recommend this option to make the most out of this investment.

We used the Xbox One version of the Shift but Evil Controllers also has a PlayStation 4 Shift controller with similar options.

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Source: Evil Controllers

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