Xbox's CrossfireX Port Will Add A Campaign & Battle Royale

CrossfireX for Xbox

CrossfireX is one of the 60 games Xbox brought to their E3 2019 keynote presentation today was one that will confuse players unfamiliar with the Asian free-to-play shooter. It was one of the Xbox titles that didn't showcase any gameplay - a way too common occurrence during this year's show.

All the audience was told (and all that's listed on Xbox's official pages) is that in 2020, "a PC legend with over 650 million players comes to Xbox One." And then we got the below out-of-context cinematic, but temper the hype. We'll show you some actual gameplay.

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In press releases after the show, more was revealed (still, no gameplay) about some of the major content additions CrossfireX will receive, including a single player campaign developed in partnership with Remedy Entertainment, battle royale, competitive multiplayer and unique content for Xbox Game Pass members.

CrossfireX (original version is titled CrossFire) is developed by Smilegate Entertainment out of South Korea and they're working with Xbox to bring it consoles for the first time, first for the Xbox One family of consoles sometime in 2020. No specific date was given.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer touted CrossfireX's massive PC player base which has over 650 million players worldwide with upwards of 8 million concurrent players according to the developer's website, claiming it to be the "most played FPS in the world." It's available in over 80 countries with the bulk of its players coming from China, Vietnam, North & South America and Europe.

CROSSFIRE is an authentic military-themed FPS where two rival factions, Global Risk and Black List, with opposing world view engage in armed conflict around the world.

Global Risk is an international private military organization that strives to fight for their own justice by helping the weak and refusing jobs that go against their beliefs.

Black List is a terrorist organization that’s willing to terrorize anything in sight. Only thing that matters to them is money. If the money’s right then nothing is impossible for them

CrossFire initially released in 2007 and is getting renamed for its Xbox release to CrossfireX.

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Source: Smilegate

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