Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Logs Over 1 Billion Hours Of Playtime

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The success of backwards compatibility on Xbox One has long been suspected, but now Microsoft has advised exactly how many hours people have spent with the extensive library of classic games. When the backwards compatibility capabilities of the Xbox One were first announced, it was seen as a real selling point for Xbox, allowing players to go back and play some of the best games from the last two generations with ease.

As the library has grown, the scheme has got better and better. Recently, Microsoft announced a major update to the catalog, including a number of well-loved Star Wars games. Meanwhile, Xbox One users have also now been treated to Dragon Age 2, as the roster for backwards compatibility continues to grow.

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Understandably, this library of games has some considerable pull behind it, and now Xbox One owners have been told exactly how much playtime has been put into these titles. Microsoft has revealed that gamers have spent a full 1 billion hours playing these classic games on the Xbox One, which is a serious amount of time. It marks a major milestone for Xbox, and something that is clearly something Microsoft is happy to share as E3 2018 comes ever closer.

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It's not the only major statistic that has been reached by the Xbox One, either. Microsoft also confirmed that over 4 billion hours have now been spent playing games through the ID@Xbox program, meaning that in spite of a few struggles caused by Microsoft's launch parity requirements the independent scene over at Xbox is still going strong.

That stat for the Xbox One's backwards compatibility library shows just how much players want access to some of the best titles of previous generations. It's allowed Xbox One users to sit down and play the best Elder Scrolls game without having to swap platforms to either a PC or digging around for an original Xbox, and that ease of only needing one system cannot be understated. The pull of classic Xbox games is a strong one, so it's easy to see why the Duke controller has been made available again for Xbox One owners.

That said, although it's great to have a back catalog of fantastic games at their disposal, Xbox One players also really need some new exclusives for the console. The huge success of God of War has left players wondering where Microsoft's equivalent is, and although there are promises of more exclusive titles incoming, the Xbox needs to get some games revealed soon. With E3 just around the corner, expect something big from Microsoft this year to address it.

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