Xbox One's Big Summer Update Detailed

Microsoft shares Xbox One's 2016 summer update details which adds Cortana, PC gaming hubs, and more video recording and editing options.

Xbox One Summer 2016 Update - Game Collection

Rumors and reports that not one, but two brand new versions of the Xbox One console are on the way with suggestions that the new hardware could be revealed at E3 next week. Until officially announced by Microsoft, the company continues to roll out significant enhancements for the experience of existing console users. Over the past year, there have been more than 200 new features inspired by fan feedback on Xbox One but they’re far from the last.

Microsoft will roll out the summer update to those in the Preview scheme in waves within the coming weeks on both Xbox One and Xbox app on Windows 10 with the latest features including virtual assistant Cortana coming to Xbox One.

Players will be able to use Cortana via Kinect or a headset. The use of a headset allows Xbox gamers who don’t own Kinect to use voice commands for the first time. Cortana, like on other Windows devices, can be used in order to carry out various tasks such as: finding out what someone on their friend list is up to at that moment and start a party quicker than ever as demonstrated through the video up top whre Major Nelson chats about the Xbox One summer update with Mike Ybarra, Director of Program Management for Xbox. More Cortana features will be added over time.

Xbox One Summer 2016 Update - Game Collection

The game collection screen is also getting a much needed overhaul with an aim to make it faster and easier to launch a chosen title. Players will simply be able to see more of their games at any one time, with them organized in a stack, scrolling vertically, as oppose moving across one long line. ‘Ready to install’ titles are also being moved to a separate subsection, to make access easier and the controller triggers can be used

As for social improvements, a new Friend Finder function will allow for locating Facebook friends on Xbox One, providing they have linked their accounts first. This feature is already available on the Xbox app but is making its way to the console itself. That’s not the only social media enhancement, as the Xbox app will now allow for game clips and screenshots from Xbox Live to be posted directly to Twitter. Game clips themselves will now be able to exported and edited for use on any video editing software and re-uploaded back to Xbox Live via the app. And players can now record at 60fps!

Xbox One Summer 2016 Update - Friend Finder

Microsoft is also continuing to ramp up the cross-platform functionality between PCs and Xbox One platforms. Popular PC games including League of Legends and XCom 2 will be getting their own Game Hubs on the Xbox Live community. Players will be able to see what PC games their friends are currently playing and party chat between devices. The Xbox and Windows store are also being merged. Microsoft says this will allow for a single cohesive experience, with user reviews – including those voted ‘most helpful’ by the Xbox Live community.

One update that Microsoft is not making too much of a fuss about in comparison to Cortana, but one that will please many fans, is that the My games & apps tile is being moved right to the top of the home screen instead of obscured off screen. It still will be relatively tiny in size next to a couple of ads that you didn't ask for and don't get to avoid but it’s an improvement nonetheless.

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Source: Major Nelson

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