Xbox Adding Improved & Diverse Avatars This Year

New Xbox Avatars In 2017

Straight out of E3 2017 comes news that Microsoft will be drastically updating and expanding upon the Xbox avatar system this fall. Coming on the heels of multiple big gaming reveals -- most notably in the form of the 4K Xbox One X console -- things are definitely shaping up as multiple stories continue to develop and be announced for the coming year within the gaming industry at large.

With big name video game titles like the Ubisoft tentpole release Assassin's Creed: Origins, the Sony Interactive Entertainment franchise return of God of War, a major overhaul and graphical update across all existing versions of Minecraftand the surprise announcement of Beyond Good and Evil 2 from critically acclaimed game designer Michel Ancel, E3 2017 has been busy, to say the very least. And on the heels of all that hubbub, the Xbox avatars are also due for a respectable rollout of new updates and features.

According to MSPoweruser, Microsoft is planning to rollout a new layout and design for the Xbox avatars this fall. The new Xbox avatar system is primed to deliver more body types and gender neutral clothing in order to encourage players to express themselves more creatively within the existing Microsoft ecosystem. For those hoping to take a look at all the features that the new Xbox avatars will have to offer, the trailer featured above offers a small glimpse behind the scenes.

New Xbox Avatars In 2017

For quite some time now, the Xbox avatars have been sorely lacking in a look and design that is not all that different from the ones employed by other gaming companies. Borrowing more than a few visual cues from competing company Nintendo in particular, Microsoft is definitely upping its avatar game with this latest slate of player caricatures.

Whether or not Xbox users will be as excited to embrace the new avatars remains to be seen, but based on everything in teaser, the update should provide for a passing amusement fit to excite hardcore gamers when they're not otherwise engaged with the latest Triple-A titles. This is the sort of update that's been long coming, so with any luck, Microsoft will find a way to please both casual and its most dedicated fans with the new avatar system and all of the personalized quirks that coma along with it.

The new Xbox avatar system will see release later this fall.

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Source: MSPoweruser

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