Xbox Maverick Revealed: Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Revealed!

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Xbox is seemingly set to start experimenting with an all-digital version of the Xbox One S, codenamed the Xbox Maverick. This disc-free version of the console, which will reportedly go by the name of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, will forgo any physical games. What's more, it could be arriving very soon.

For a long time, there have been rumors about exactly what Microsoft has planned next for Xbox. Whispers have been spreading about four different Xbox consoles in development, with projects Lockhart and Anaconda getting the most discussion from fans. However, before too long there were hints that a disc-free version of the Xbox One S with a greater emphasis on the xCloud streaming service could be on the way.

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Such a device could be arriving soon, too. As reported by Windows Central, Xbox is looking to push the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition out via pre-order in April 2019, with a view to start distribution through a "near-global simultaneous launch" in May. That only leaves a short amount of time for an official announcement to come, so keep an eye out for confirmation coming soon.

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Although there's yet to be an announcement from Xbox proper, the number of reports that such a device could be on the way suggests that the Xbox console library could be expanding with a digital-only offering. With Sony skipping E3 2019 this year, it may well be that Xbox sees this as an opportunity to expand in new directions and potentially try and close the gap. What's more, it's also suggested that a Fortnite edition of the Xbox could be on the way.

At the very least, Microsoft seems to be attempting to take more risks from a hardware perspective. The increasing ties between Microsoft and Nintendo look as though there's the potential for a major shake-up of the previous console gaming model, and if a disc-free Xbox is able to drop physical games and still be successful, it could point towards another viable direction for console gaming going forwards - particularly with a focus on the Xbox Game Pass.

With no official announcement from Microsoft as of yet, it's worth taking these reports with a grain of salt, but it wouldn't be a surprise to see a new Xbox variant this year. So far, the Xbox One has failed to keep up with the PS4 in terms of sales, so Microsoft may see this as a place to both make up a bit of lost ground and also trial forward-thinking ways of console gaming as we edge ever closer to a new generation. That said, there's still the issue of Xbox exclusive game quality to clear up for the future as well.

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Source: Windows Central

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