Xbox's Heartwarming Super Bowl Ad Turns Kid Into YouTube Star

There was something remarkable about the Xbox commercial that aired during Super Bowl LII. It didn't rely on explosions or some kind of limited time offer. It didn't set up a date for fans to begin booking movie tickets, and it didn't make anyone feel left out for not having a new cologne. Instead, it made viewers of all kinds feel included.

The ad in question was for the Xbox One Adaptive Controller, which featured a number of kids with unique circumstances showcasing how the controller helped them better engage with gaming. One of the biggest factors behind why this commercial made such an impact was nine-and-a-half-year-old Owen, who managed to convey what gaming meant to him. As it turns out, gaming has meant a lot to Owen for quite some time, as he's had a YouTube channel for about three years - but now it's beginning to pick up some steam.

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After appearing in the commercial during Super Bowl LII, Owen's subscriber count on his Epic Gaming 101 YouTube channel has quickly begun to climb. It was only yesterday that he posted a video thanking everyone for helping him reach 5,000 subscribers, but as of this writing Owen has reached 9,416 subs - and he's on pace to clear 10,000 by the time this piece is published.

Owen's YouTube channel describes him as "a smart, strong, funny little boy with Escobar's Syndrome." It's especially true since it's Owen's personality in the videos that gamers will find enjoyable, as he tackles reviews of different software from across the gaming landscape. Whether providing his thoughts on the monumentally successful Apex Legends or talking about games on the Nintendo Switch, Owen covers a wide range of titles for all types of gamers.

Owen's newfound exposure has provided him with the opportunity to reach a broader audience because, truthfully, his connection with gaming isn't at all different from any of us. In the same way that the Xbox One Adaptive Controller breaks down barriers for those that are different, Owen's passion for the industry does the exact same thing with public perceptions because his story is so relatable. Despite the challenges he faces, he's every bit a gamer like anyone else.

As Owen describes gaming in the Super Bowl commercial: "No matter how your body is or how fast you are, you can play. It’s a really good thing to have in this world." That much is true for everyone. Now, here's hoping he'll be able to achieve his dream of 100,000 subscribers soon. The Silver Play button that YouTube sends out for hitting that milestone isn't all that far away now.

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Source: Epic Gaming 101

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