Xbox Game Pass For PC Launches Today; Ultimate Pass Prices Revealed

Xbox Game Pass Live Gold Subscription

Xbox Game Pass has come to PC and a portion of Microsoft's E3 2019 conference was dedicated to detailing the price of the service and the game selection on offer.

The first month of Xbox Game Pass for PC will only cost a single dollar, with the monthly price during the beta testing phase of the service being $4.99 a month, which will increase to $9.99 once the service leaves the beta phase and the library of available games increases. The Xbox Game Studio titles that were revealed during Microsoft's E3 conference would also all be coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one, which means that games like Gears 5 and Ori and the Blind Forest will be coming to the service in the future.

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The library of games that is available for Xbox Game Pass for PC has just added four new titles with Batman: Arkham Knight, Metro Exodus, Hollow Knight, and Borderlands: The Handsome Collectionwhich are all coming today. The PC version of the service will also be receiving Imperator Rome and Football Manager 2019, with Halo: The Master Chief Collection coming to the PC for the first time through the Xbox Game Pass service. The addition of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is relevant, as a new DLC adventure for Borderlands 2 was also announced during Microsoft's E3 conference and it's only compatible with the Borderlands: The Handsome Collection version of the game.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service was also talked about in greater detail. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives players access to both the console and PC versions of Xbox Game Pass, along with a subscription to Xbox Live Gold. The price for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is $14.99 a month, which means that the PC portion of the service is added for no additional cost. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also has the one dollar introductory offer for the first month.

The Xbox Game Pass offers one of the best deals in the business in terms of content and the service will now have a chance to reach a much wider audience on PC. The new additions to Xbox Game Pass revealed today and the other titles that will be coming to the service in the future from Xbox Game Studios can potentially make the Game Pass the video game equivalent to Netflix, especially with the abundance of first-party titles available on the service.

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