Xbox Game Pass is Coming to PC

Microsoft announces that Xbox Game Pass is heading to the PC platform, with support from major publishers like Bethesda, Paradox, Devolver, and more.

Xbox Game Pass is heading to the PC platform, and it will bring support from major publishers like Bethesda, Devolver Digital, Paradox, Sega, and Deep Silver. Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass program has been praised as one of the most consistently high-value offerings on consoles, with the company frequently bringing major titles to an extensive games library that subscribers gain access to for a minimal monthly fee.

On Xbox One, the Xbox Game Pass library is already well over 200 different games at this point. Xbox Game Pass was also recently upgraded by Microsoft in a surprise announcement just weeks away from the company's E3 2019 presentation, which Xbox boss Phil Spencer has already said will be a major one for Xbox. With constant rumors floating around regarding Microsoft's aggressive pursuit of partnerships—the company recently began working on a collaboration with Sony, and has been partnered with Nintendo as well—the future of Xbox is as exciting as it is muddled.

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One constant factor, however, has been Microsoft's desire to bring Xbox titles and functionality to platforms beyond just the company's own console. That continued today when Microsoft announced that Xbox Game Pass will be coming to PC, with a library of over 100 games at launch and support from key publishers. The company didn't offer details on the pricing of the service or which specific games the PC version of Xbox Game Pass will have, but Microsoft did say that it was working with 75 different PC developers and publishers, which means it should be a varied offering out of the gate.

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The Xbox Game Pass on PC will also offer the same discounts fans have become accustomed to when purchasing games and content, provided they do so using the Microsoft Store. Consumers will get 20 percent off games and 10 percent off add-ons, with more information to come in a few weeks during Microsoft's E3 2019. Apparently, the company is also working to "enable more choice" when it comes to which store consumers can find Xbox Game Studios titles in the future, with Epic Games Store as a potential front-runner.

Xbox Game Pass on PC is a big get for Microsoft, as the company continues to look to unify gaming platforms to increase the amount of reach its releases have. With many speculating that the next generation of consoles could be the last of traditional builds, and Microsoft already allegedly planning looks into streaming platforms and other innovative industry partnerships, Xbox Game Pass on PC might be the tamest announcement Microsoft has in store for E3 2019.

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Source: Xbox Wire

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