Xbox Elite Controller Series 2: Here Are The New Features

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 E3 2019

Microsoft announces the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 at E3 2019, the new premium and feature-rich Xbox One controller for gamers with steeper pockets. With a list of modular and customizable aspects and full integration with Xbox One, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is also designed with Windows 10 PC users in mind; they can take advantage of the exclusive device using the Xbox Accessories App.

The original Xbox Elite Controller was first unveiled at E3 three years ago, featuring swappable paddles and thumbsticks, trigger locks, two customizable profiles, sensitivity settings, and even a limited edition version to coincide with then-unreleased franchise sequel Gears of War 4. Rumors of a new controller began rumbling in August of last year, when details leaked of a Microsoft device codenamed "Washburn." It was a substantive and highly-detailed leak, though airwaves have been mostly silent since then.

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Now, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 has made a formal appearance, and the E3 2019 announcement comes in the form of a special trailer with all the information prospective buyers are looking for. Touted as "the world's most advanced controller," this new Elite looks to have a mix of upgrades to the older model with a lot of returning features, all tied together with better wireless connectivity through Bluetooth and a charging dock pack-in.

The feature list for the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 should look familiar to owners of the original. The new modern conveniences include Bluetooth wireless connectivity, which should help avoid any potential lag in modern first-person shooters, and its sizable battery life, announced at 40 hours between charges. The included charging dock an integrated battery pack is also more than welcome, although this predictably bumps the MSRP of the controller to $179.99, a solid $30 more than its predecessor. It's also worth mentioning that the dock is not required to charge, as the controller can also be charged with its included USB-C cable as well but, considering that the whole thing is kept neatly together in a carrying case, most will probably have the dock close at hand.

It's certainly sleek, and unlike the previous Elite, the Series 2 features a wrap-around rubberized textured grip, rather than just a back-grip. An additional customizable profile included brings the total available up to three, from the previous model's two. Adjustable-tension thumbsticks are among the new features as well, and the kit will ship with a special tool for this specific purpose.

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The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 will be made available soon for preorder with shipment expected in 2019. A full list of specs can be found at

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