Xbox E3 2018 Conference Was Highest Watched Live Stream Ever On Twitch

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Microsoft's Xbox E3 2018 presentation was a success in more ways than one, with the press conference breaking Twitch live stream records. The Xbox-centric presentation was one of the earlier ones in the E3 2018 lineup, and set the bar very high for the companies that followed, with a trailer-heavy conference that was the central point for many major game announcements.

Chief among the reveals was the long-awaited announcement of the next Halo game, Halo Infinite, but this was not the only big unveiling that Microsoft had in store for viewers. Alongside Halo was another core Microsoft exclusive, with Gears of War 5 getting its own trailers alongside something of an information dump about the project itself. Meanwhile, the company also teased a bright future ahead by confirming a number of major developer acquisitions for further games.

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As it turns out, this aggressive Xbox conference also went out to a record number of viewers. As reported by Githyp, this Microsoft presentation is not only the most-viewed stream of E3 2018, but is officially the most-watched live stream in Twitch history. All in all, the conference pulled in 1.7 million viewers, putting it into first place across the entirety of the platform.

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What makes this even more impressive is that this wasn't the only way to watch the Microsoft stream. Alongside Twitch, the press conference was also available worldwide on both YouTube and the Microsoft-owned Mixer, meaning that the viewer count overall was much higher than the 1.7 million provided from Twitch alone. All in all, it makes the Xbox presentation's achievement all the more impressive.

Above all else, it shows the sheer increase in popularity for Twitch as a whole. Xbox, Ubisoft, and Sony's PlayStation conference all hit 1.5 million viewers, with considerable increases over last year's viewer counts. Indeed, the only presentation to see a decrease in viewership was EA's, which still had an impressive viewer count of 528,000.

However, just explaining the increase on the growing dominance of Twitch as a streaming platform perhaps does Microsoft a disservice. Prior to the press conference taking place, Xbox boss Phil Spencer was very vocal about the 15 game announcements coming during the presentation itself, and undoubtedly Xbox fans will have wanted to see exactly what the company had planned for the future. This record-breaking stream is exactly what Microsoft would have wanted, and now hopefully the company is able to build on those reveals to help solve the Xbox exclusives issue.

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Source: Githyp

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