Xbox Is Giving Away Custom Game Of Thrones Consoles

Game of Thrones Xbox One Custom

UPDATE: Xbox has announced it will be giving away a third custom console as well. The new console, called the Iron Throne variant, will be available to fans who entered either pre-existing giveaway contest. More details can be found here.

The teased team up between Xbox and Game of Thrones has finally been revealed, and the result is the chance for fans to win two different custom Game of Thrones Xbox consoles in celebration of the television series' final season. Xbox previously teased the potential collaboration on its social media accounts, which led many to speculate on what exactly the company might be doing in conjunction with one of the hottest multimedia properties on the planet.

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As it turns out, it's going to be a few custom Game of Thrones Xbox consoles, but for a minute there, it looked like Xbox might have snagged one of the best possible exclusives in the world. While that won't be happening, there's still a lot of meaty information regarding the future of Xbox coming soon, with a major E3 2019 presentation planned that will be doubly important thanks to Sony's absence at the conference. With rumors ranging between partnerships with Nintendo and a brand new streaming platform that's in the same vein as Google Stadia, the gaming industry will have its collective eyes trained on the Xbox presentation when it occurs in early June.

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For now, though, those eyes will be checking out two different custom Game of Thrones Xbox consoles, which are the first custom designs ever for the newest version of the Xbox One, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. The two custom consoles will feature designs that are inspired by House Targaryen and the Night King, and will be available to fans as the grand prizes of a contest being run by Microsoft to celebrate the final season of Game of Thrones. Here's a look at the Twitter contest, which is for the Targaryen version of the console:

Fans interested in checking out the Facebook equivalent of the contest, which gives away a Night King-themed Xbox One S All-Digital instead, can check it out here. Starting today, May 8, until May 22, fans all over the world can enter to win the House Targaryen console by following the Xbox Twitter account, retweeting the reveal post above, and adding #GamerThrones and #Sweepstakes to their retweeted message. To enter for the Night King console, all fans need to do is "like" the reveal post on Facebook, so lazier but still interested parties know which console they'll be after.

The contest is being amusingly advertised as "two will win and no one will die," which is a nice twist on what fans have come to expect from the grisly Game of Thrones. A custom Game of Thrones Xbox console is more than nearly all of the characters in that show could hope for by the end of its tale, and the contest is a nice break from the overwhelming dread that comes with each weekly episode, which brings with it yet another chance for all of our favorite characters to die, so that's something!

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Source: Xbox/Twitter, Xbox/Facebook

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