Xbox Anaconda & Xbox Lockhart Next-Gen Rumors

Xbox Anaconda and Lockhart Rumor

UPDATE: Microsoft is also rumored to be releasing two other consoles: Maverick (which will replace disc drives with a solely xCloud streaming system) and Xbox One S Revision (which will still include a disc drive, but will focus more heavily on xCloud).

The video games rumor mill is buzzing with Microsoft’s potential new Xbox One offerings, and 2019 could possibly herald the announcement of two new console SKUs packed with advanced features and varying pricepoints. Increased processing power, backwards compatibility, hard drive upgrades, and library digitization are but some of the rumored updates to Microsoft’s flagship next-gen series of consoles.

The Xbox One X launched on November 7 of 2017, representing a notable hardware upgrade on the Xbox One. With a 1 TB hard drive and an orientation towards advanced gaming graphical fidelity on 4K displays, the updated system hit the market in apparent competition with the PlayStation 4 Pro, which also prioritized 4K gaming, as well improved performance for Sony’s own PlayStation VR.

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Now, Windows Central reveals through its sources that two new console revisions will be hitting the market, presumably set to appear on shelves during the 2020 holiday season. The first one – codenamed “Lockhart” – is seemingly styled as a successor to the Xbox One S, while the “Anaconda” will apparently update the Xbox One X as the pricier and beefier console option.

Xbox One X vs Xbox One S

With all consoles, new and old, loading times are a constant and noticeable bugbear, and additional rumors imply that Microsoft may be investigating SSD storage options for one or both of these consoles. Previous rumors suggested a disc-less Xbox One SKU to launch next year, a development which may or may not affect the internal hardware of the Anaconda and Lockhart consoles to come. For players with a library of game discs, there will even be an apparent disc-to-digital initiative announced, which will present some method of conversion of purchased discs to digital licenses transferable to these consoles.

As for the newest aforementioned consoles, these details remain as unofficial rumors, waiting to be confirmed at upcoming events next year, like the Games Developer Conference in March and the annual Microsoft Build conference. In the interim, Xbox One fans at least have the courtesy of tracking down a copy of Crackdown 3 on February 15, a conspicuous release date that has been famously delayed until news of the Microsoft exclusive broke earlier this year. The fan-favorite franchise sequel joins an intimidating array of high-profile releases set to drop that exact same month, soon after projected announcements are expected to arrive for the disc-less Xbox One console.

For now, consider these rumors as a potential consideration for any consumers holding out on purchasing a bleeding-edge Microsoft console.

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Source: Windows Central

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