Wolverine's Clone: 8 Things About X-24 They Didn't Cover In Logan

The solo Wolverine movies are of a mixed bag. The first one was a complete disaster, the second one is good if a bit forgettable but Logan was finally the one that knocked it out of the park. A lot of factors go into that, but one of them was the breakout villain of the film. No not Donald Pierce or that doctor who nearly exterminated Mutantkind, we're talking about X-24!

A physical manifestation of all of Logan's internal fears, this being unleashed his wrath in brutal ways never before seen in an X-Men movie. But there are some other things about X-24 that weren't directly shown in the film itself. What we have here is a list that explores some of the potential inspirations for this character and some finer details about the character you might not have known. So let's cut into the list... bub.

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8 Constant Berserker Rage

While fans are generally fond of Hugh Jackman's portrayal of Wolverine throughout his 17 years in the role, there are some valid criticisms of how Logan was handled. One of those was how he seldom went into a true berserker rage state throughout the films. X-24, by comparison, is the exact opposite of that.

While Logan himself doesn't go full-on feral often, X-24 is essentially in a constant state of "beserker fury" that the more bloodthirsty of fans enjoy about Wolverine. It makes for a brilliant way to give fans what they want without changing the actual Logan we've grown to know and love in these movies.

7 Actually Made By Donald Pierce In Comics

While Donald Pierce gets plenty of screen time in the Logan movie, he is ultimately just a pawn of the real villain of the masterpiece, Dr.Zander Rice. In the comics, however, there was indeed an evil Wolverine that was made by Pierce.

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This was an android designed by Pierce to take out the original. There are some other differences to this fake robotic Logan that we will get into later on in the list, but it's safe to say that it isn't what you're expecting. That is unless you remember a specific X-Men comic story from the 1990s. You know the 1990s? The decade where there more than enough X-Men comics than to fill an entire Danger Room.

6 Not So Mindless

Upon first glance, you may think that X-24 is an entirely mindless machine who only obeys his creator Dr.Zander Rice. While for the most part, this is accurate, there is some evidence in Logan that he does actually have some free will of his own. Not to say though that he uses this to do good like the real Wolverine.

When X-24 butchers the farmers who tried to take out Logan himself earlier in the movie, his creator pleads with him to stop the violence but the creature is so bloodthirsty he can't stop himself. Not exactly what you're looking for in an attack dog.

5 The Color Of His Eyes

While X-24 is seemingly a complete physical copy of Wolverine in his prime, there are some minor differences between the two warriors. Their hairstyles may be a bit different but if you want to notice a more important change, just look into his eyes.

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Hugh Jackman and by extension Logan's regular eye color is hazel. However, if you take a good look at X-24 you will notice that his eyes are actually more of a golden color. While there is no narrative speculation for this, we can speculate that this is to make X-24 appear more animalistic than Logan as some members of the animal kingdom have golden eyes.

4 The Name Is Logan Albert

As mentioned above, there was actually a replica of Logan created in the comics created by Donald Pierce. The funny thing is though, for whatever reason, his name wasn't Logan or given a lab experiment name like X-24. There is a reason for this however.

Without going too deep into X-Men comics continuity, there was another android who was also created by Pierce who achieved greater artificial intelligence than she was supposed to have. Once she did, she also buffed up the intelligence of the Wolverine robot and gave him the name Albert after Albert Einstein. Weren't expecting that were you?

3 What Could Have Been

Marvel's What-If? line of comics aren't always filled with classics but they are usually at least a fun dive into alternate timelines. The idea of X-24 being a savage and near brainless version of Wolverine who the real deal has to take down can be seen in one of these books.

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In issue #62 Vol.2 of this series, we see an alternate reality where the Canadian government found another candidate for the Weapon X program instead of our favorite mutant. The experiment doesn't go well as while they now have a fearsome warrior, he is out of his mind and blindly attacks anyone who he stands in front of. Logan takes it upon himself to put down the poor soul and the comic ends with Logan bringing the Weapon X program to the public's attention.

2 Hugh Jackman Was Skeptical Of X-24


Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men Days of Future Past

The idea of an evil doppelganger is pure comic book shenanigans that some might see as clashing against the tone and atmosphere which Logan goes for. This might be part of the reason why Hugh Jackman might have been skeptical of the idea in the first place.

Jackman himself has stated that he wasn't originally keen on the idea of himself playing another version of the character he's played since the year 2000. But director James Mangold kept insisting that it was going to work and lo and behold, Jackman eventually became a believer. The literal and symbolic fighting of his own personal demons makes for an epic cap off to Jackman's role as Wolverine.

1 Weaker Than Logan

With the savagery he displayed in the movie and the fact that physically he was Logan in his physical prime, this entry may be a bit of a shocker. But in actuality, X-24's durability is weaker than the flesh, blood and adamantium mutant we adore.

The proof of this lies in the often ridiculed X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In the finale of that movie, Logan is shot in the head with an adamantium bullet. This is what causes him to lose his memory and also knocks him out. A similar shot with another adamantium bullet in Logan however is enough to blast a permanent hole in X-24's skull that he can't recover from. The original wins again!

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