11No Pun Intended (The Punisher #17)

The Punisher (Frank Castle) tries to kill Wolverine

How to best explain the events that unfold in issue 17 of The Punisher? First, some context. In the midst of what almost amounts to a heart-warming Marvel team-up moment, Punisher decides that he must stop Wolverine from tracking him, no matter the cost.

Frank Castle is nothing if not effective, laying into Wolverine

with surgical precision and tremendous savagery. After emptying his shotgun into Logan's face, kneecaps, and um, boy parts, Castle takes a moment to dream up the best way to stop Wolverine's pursuit. He settles on the most obvious method, commandeering a nearby steamroller and casually crushing Logan's entire body up to the forearms.

Oh! In case you didn't know, the two were battling a gang of evil little people before the whole steamroller thing went down. Gotta love comics.

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