• X-Men: 11 Powers You Didn't Know Apocalypse Has
    Oscar Isaac in X-Men Apocalypse
    X-Men: Apocalypse preview - Oscar Isaac

    En Sabah Nur, the mutant better known as Apocalypse, is a being that has existed for over 5000 years, causing chaos and war wherever he chose to go. Taking the teaching of “survival of the fittest” to heart, Apocalypse has spent thousands of years traveling the world and visiting various civilizations and encouraging them to worship him as a god, forming a cult who worships him in the process.

    As one of the first mutants to ever exist, if not the first, Apocalypse has had time to plan and grow stronger, enhancing his innate mutant abilities with alien technology and centuries upon centuries of travel and knowledge. As such, he has many more powers than the one or two that most mutants have, often proving versatile and powerful enough to fight whole teams of X-Men or Avengers at once and still win or hold his own. Here are some of the powers that make him one of the most iconic X-Men villains around, and might help him beat the X-Men on the big screen in X-Men: Apocalypse.

    Here are 11 Powers You Didn't Know Apocalypse Has.

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    Ability to control his body on a molecular level
    Apocalypse Headless - Facts You Should Know About Apocalypse

    Apocalypse has the ability to control his body on a molecular level, changing the size, shape, and density of the various parts of his body. This power let's Apocalypse do a lot of interesting things with his body. Think of it as something like Mr. Fantastic on steroids.

    Not only can he stretch and grow, but he can change the shape of his limbs, often turning them into swords, clubs, or other melee weapons as the situation dictates (sort of like the T-1000). Apocalypse can also give himself the power of flight by altering his body, by giving himself wings or, as done on other occasions, turning some of his limbs into jet engines. By using this ability to alter his body on a more fundamental level, he can mimic other mutant powers, adapting to pretty much any situation.

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    Enhanced strength/durability
    Apocalypse vs Hulk

    Either as a result of his mutant ability to manipulate his body or as a result of the Celestial technology that he's altered himself with or as just a separate, normal mutant power altogether, Apocalypse is also incredibly strong. Not always content with just thrashing various X-Men teams throughout the years, Apocalypse has sometimes used this strength to clash with other members of the Marvel Universe.

    Maybe the best illustration of his strength was the time he went toe to toe with the Hulk and even physically restrained him, putting his apparent strength levels somewhere in the neighborhood of being able to lift at least 100 tons.

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    Apocalypse teleports

    Apocalypse has been shown on various occasions to be able to teleport both himself and other people and structures. He’s teleported himself great distances, and also teleported additional masses, like that of an entire fortress, minus the people that were in it, over great distances when he needed to move quickly.

    Whether this ability is part of his natural mutant abilities or part of the powers he has gained over the millennia, due to augmenting his powers and abilities is unknown, especially as there doesn’t ever seem to be a visible trigger of some kind to initiate the teleportation when he does.

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    Energy projection/absorption
    Apocalypse energy blast

    Apocalypse has been shown to be able to absorb near limitless amounts of energy, once absorbing so much energy from Cyclops that it left the X-Man weak and nearly depleted. He can use that energy to further augment his body and his various abilities, like enhanced strength and durability. He can also expel and project the energy he absorbs in various ways.

    While he can project energy from most anywhere on his body, he primarily uses his hands and eyes to channel the energy, resulting in blasts that have been able to overpower blasts from multiple members of the X-Men. As with many of his powers, the upper limits of this ability are unknown.

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    Apocalypse telepathy

    Though it’s been shown to varying degrees of power, Apocalypse has shown both telepathic and telekinetic abilities at various points in his history. Apocalypse has been shown to read minds to some degree, along with creating telepathic illusions, creating psionic blasts, and more. Along with that, Apocalypse has also shown telekinetic abilities, being able to move and manipulate large objects and and other living beings through the use of his mind.

    Whether this is an ability that is part of his mutant powers or something that he gained through augmentation is unknown, as are the exact limits of these powers.

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    Apocalypse technopathy

    Due to a past run in with the time-traveling mutant Cable, Apocalypse was infected with the same techno-organic virus. The virus, which has brought mutants like Cable nearly to the point of death, gave Apocalypse the power of technopathy, allowing him to interface with technology directly.

    This power would be particularly useful as it would let him interface with an abandoned Celestial ship and access the knowledge and technology held within. Apocalypse would then use this technology and knowledge to further augment his own powers and body, and that of his followers. He would also later use that virus he received from Cable to infect Cable as a child, because that’s just how comics work sometimes.

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    Scientific genius, especially with biology/genetics
    Apocalypse science

    As a villain that has manipulated various technologies and even incorporated some into his own body, it should be no surprise that Apocalypse is skilled in many fields of science, and particularly biology and genetics. He primarily uses this knowledge to further augment his own powers and those of his followers.

    It is worth considering that Apocalypse is a being that was born over 5000 years ago, before most of the technologies were even invented, and has not only become a genius in various fields by Earth standards, but has become well versed in multiple alien technologies. Apocalypse isn’t just strong and hard to kill, he might also be the smartest guy in the room, or at least the evil lair.

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    Blood can heal mutants
    Apocalypse healing blood

    As was discovered by Dracula (yes, THE Dracula) when he began to prey on both Apocalypse and his Clan of Akkaba, Apocalypse’s blood is extraordinarily powerful and has strong rejuvenating powers. Dracula himself would try to enslave Apocalypse and keep him as a food source because of how special his blood was.

    Apocalypse then took this knowledge and developed a serum that would fittingly be referred to as the “Blood of Apocalypse.” The serum was developed not only to give his followers more power, but also to cure mutants that might be harmed by the various diseases he was planning to unleash upon the world as part of one of his plans to wipe out the majority of the human race.

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    his Blood is fatal to humans
    Apocalypse blood

    Not only can Apocalypse’s blood heal mutants and give them extra power, but it also proves fatal for normal humans. Given the villain’s constant quest to eradicate humanity and prove the superiority of the mutant race, it is very appropriate that his blood is able to kill a human all on its own.

    Whether this power is a result of an innate mutant ability or more as a result of the techno-organic virus or something to do with the various modifications to Apocalypse’s body is unknown, but it helps to make the character that much more powerful and that much more dangerous if even his blood is deadly.

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    Blood can be used to re-power de-powered mutants
    Apocalypse Chamber healed

    In addition to healing mutants, Apocalypse’s blood has also been shown to be able to restore the powers of mutants who had lost theirs. One prime example is the mutant Chamber, a descendant of Apocalypse, who lost his powers as a result of the M-Day. The Clan of Akkaba would take the depowered Chamber and apply some of Apocalypse’s blood to him. As a result, Chamber not only regained his powers, but was apparently made stronger, reportedly becoming an Omega-level mutant. The blood would also change Chamber’s appearance, giving the same skin tone as Apocalypse and giving him similar features to his ancestor.

    It may be that this repowering is limited only to descendants of Apocalypse, but it’s still a powerful ability given that the mutant has had 5000 years to spread his lineage around.

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    Effective immortality
    Apocalypse immortal

    Through a combination of an accelerated healing factor, self induced healing “comas,” and regular switching of bodies, Apocalypse is effectively immortal, having terrorized the world, mutants and humans alike, for over 5000 years. While a healing factor is somewhat common among Marvel's mutants, Apocalypse ramps things up by also putting himself into prolonged periods of rest in special regeneration chambers, during which he can heal most any wound. Even with all that healing going on, the immense powers that Apocalypse wields also cause his body to burn up, meaning he has to switch into new bodies somewhat regularly. He even occupies the body of Cyclops at one point.

    It’s even been said that, thanks to the techno-organic virus and the power of his blood, Apocalypse can never truly die. It’s been shown that a single drop of his blood can form a whole new body out of spare organs and parts, meaning that as long as a single drop of his blood still exists, Apocalypse can never truly die.


    Can you think of any other powers that should be on here? Let us know in the comments!

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