X-Men TV Series: Bryan Singer Shares Stan Lee Cameo Set Photo

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Director Bryan Singer is sharing a photo of Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee preparing for his cameo role in Fox's upcoming X-Men TV series. Lee, of course, is no stranger to cameo appearances, which began on the big screen in 2000 in Singer's first X-Men film (Lee made one cameo before that, on The Incredible Hulk TV series in 1989). Simply billed as "hot dog vendor" in X-Men, Lee's character gazed in shock along with several beachgoers as a newly-mutated Senator Kelly (Bruce Davison) emerged naked from the ocean.

Singer alluded to that first cameo with Lee when he posted a new Instagram photo of the king of cameos Thursday from the set of the X-Men TV show. The director noted that he was shooting his third cameo with his "epic friend" a "few weeks ago" at the famous Doublewide Bar in Dallas, Texas. Singer also noted that Lee, who is 94, is "a man of unstoppable energy and humor."

There's no telling of what Lee's cameo will entail, but if it's like his previous cameo turns, it is sure to be memorable and entertaining. From the language of Singer's Instagram post – "a few weeks ago" – it's pretty safe to presume that, since the X-Men show began production in late March, that Lee's cameo will be in the series' first episode.

#throwbackthursday Shooting my 3rd cameo with my epic friend @therealstanlee a few weeks ago at the famous #doublwide #bar in #Dallas #Texas. My first cameo with Stan was in #Xmen 1, nearly two decades ago in #malibu, he's a man of unstoppable energy and humor. Photo @aelvishaye with @dan_ryniker thank you @brightidea #maxanderson

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Lee's been very busy shooting cameos of late. In early April, he flew to Atlanta to shoot his Avengers: Infinity War cameo – as evidence of his presence on the set first came in an Instagram post from Karen Gillan in her Nebula makeup. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige later confirmed the reason Lee was on set, saying he "shot four cameos in one day for upcoming projects." Feige also noted that one of cameos was the best Lee's ever done, adding, "It's a high bar for Stan."

Marvel fans itching for Lee's next cameo won't have to wait long, with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on the way next week. Lee actually appeared twice in the first Guardians film, first seen through the bounty hunting lens of Rocket cozying up to an alien lady; and also as a specimen of The Collector in a glass box (note: the person appears to be a lookalike of Lee, and not Lee himself).

It's heartening to know that Lee's contributions, no matter how small they are in Marvel's films, are felt from the fans' vantage point all the way to the top. Lee, after all, is one of the creative forces, along with Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, et al., that made it all happen in the first place.

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