X-Men TV Pilot May Flash Back to WWII

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Not too many details have been revealed about FOX's new X-Men TV series so far, but it looks like we are about to start learning more, now that the pilot has started filming. The series is titled Gifted, although it's unclear if that is a working title or not. We do know a few of the show's stars, that it is connected to the X-Men cinematic universe, and the basic plot. The series centers on a family who are forced to go on the run when their children start displaying mutant powers, with the help of a mutant underground resistance and a few familiar mutants.

New details are coming through from social media, with franchise producer Lauren Schuler Donner posting photos and updates about the project - though this isn't the only source we have for Gifted news. Casting calls have also started to appear, teasing some of the background characters that we will see, including one for Sentinel technicians (suggesting that we will see some Sentinel background in the show). Now a new casting sheet has surfaced, teasing a potential flashback or time travel element.

This latest casting call was posted by Legacy Casting, and picked up by Omega Underground. It is a standard casting call for extras for the series, and confirms that Legacy will be casting all extras for the show with this line, "Legacy Casting is officially casting the extras for the Untitled Fox Marvel Pilot". There are two opportunities currently listed for the project, "Seedy Types At Bar" (posted last month) and "SS Guards" (posted on the 19th of this month).

"SS Guards" presumably refers to the Schutzstaffel, the Nazi paramilitary force that was responsible for enforcing Nazi rule and for guarding the prison camps during the second World War. It can be assumed that these extras will therefore be involved in some kind of WWII scene for the show, although it is not clear in what capacity that could be. "Seedy Types At Bar" meanwhile, presumably simply points to a dive bar scene.

The inclusion of a WWII scene could mean that the series will involve time travel - it's something that has worked for The Flash, although it's not quite so obvious a choice for the X-Men universe. There are, however, time-traveling mutants as well as a time-traveling Sentinel, so this is a possibility. A more likely scenario is that the series will involve flashbacks in order to give backstory. Polaris, one of the confirmed mutants appearing on the show, is the daughter of Magneto, who was interred in a concentration camp as a child. We've already seen this in the X-Men movies, so it's likely that this is what the show will be revisiting.

Of course, this is all speculation at the moment, and nothing is confirmed other than the presence of 'SS Guards' in the show. It's even possible that this does not refer to WWII at all, but that 'SS' stands for something else entirely, although that's doubtful.

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Gifted does not yet have a premiere date.

Source: Omega Underground

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