New X-Men TV Show Ordered to Series by Fox

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Since 2000, the X-Men universe has been slowly growing on the big screen—so much so that many of the actors are barely recognizable from their pre-fame days. There's now the original X-Men movie trilogy, as well as the X-Men: First Class prequel trilogy and the soon-to-be-a trilogy of Wolverine solo movies (with the upcoming Logan rounding the latter out). On top of that, Deadpool premiered early last year to kick off another successful corner of the ever-expanding franchise. 20th Century Fox is also planning a movie focusing on the New Mutants team, proving the studio has no plans of slowing things down when it comes to building their own superhero universe.

With the premiere of Legion on FX next month, there will soon be mutants in live-action form on the small screen too. Though the mind-bending story of Professor X's son is unconnected from the X-Men films, it will still allow for a greater exploration of what it means to be a mutant (and with the X-Men universe's ever-shifting take on continuity, it's not as if the characters of Legion couldn't be brought into the film fold at some point). Luckily, the other X-Men series coming to TV is said to exist in the same universe as the films. Though it's yet to be given a title, we've been slowly hear more and more about it in recent weeks. Now, it looks like the show is finally becoming a reality.

Thanks to The Wrap, we've just learned that FOX has ordered TV's second X-Men show to series. Headed by Matt Nix (Burn Notice), the show is currently only listed as an untitled “Marvel Action-Adventure Series." Thanks to a previous reports however, we know it will focus on the story of two non-mutant parents who are forced to protect their kids from the government as they start gaining powers. Another recent report has stated the mutant-hunting Sentinels will be making an appearance on the series, as well, further tying the show to the world of the X-Men movies.

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With the information we've been given so far, it's difficult to tell just where in the X-Men continuity the series will sit. Though it will feature Sentinels, producer Laura Schuler Donner has noted that they will appear different from the ones in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Whether this is simply an update they've received, or they exist in a completely separate timeline, we're not yet sure.

Assuming the show takes place in the modern day, we could be seeing what the new X-Men timeline looks like in our present day. FOX could also simply make it part of yet another side timeline, in an effort to not be forced to address the events of the series in the movies. While Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. exists in the same universe as the Avengers, we've yet to see the events or characters of the TV show make a major impact on the films. FOX could run into a similar problem, but at least they have wonky continuities and timelines to use as an excuse. Either way, the news of the show seems to be rolling in quickly, so we're sure to know more soon.

We'll bring you more information on the Untitled X-Men Series as it arrives.

Source: The Wrap

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