First Look at X-Men's Polaris in The Gifted TV Series

Director Bryan Singer posts a photo on social media of the character Polaris on the set of Fox's upcoming X-Men series The Gifted.

Director Bryan Singer has posted a photo of the mutant Polaris on the set of Fox's upcoming X-Men series The Gifted. Singer, of course, was the filmmaker responsible for the birth of Marvel's mutant adaptation for the big screen in 2000, and following the fan favorite X2: X-Men United, he took a break from the series as Brett Ratner helmed the fan- and critically-maligned X-Men: The Last Stand. After Matthew Vaughn breathed fresh life in the series with the prequel X-Men: First Class, Singer reclaimed his position at the helm with X-Men: Days of Future Past, recapturing his past glory; that is until he delivered mixed results with X-Men: Apocalypse.

Undeterred by the valleys that came with the peaks he has previously enjoyed as one of the creative forces behind the franchise, Singer has clearly found new energy directing the pilot episode and serving as executive producer in the new TV series about the famed Marvel Mutants with The Gifted. Little by little, Singer and Fox have been teasing the hotly anticipated X-Men series, and Wednesday he gave fans a peek at Emma Dumont as Lorna Dana, a.k.a. Polaris on his Instagram account. You can check it out below:

Congratulations to the amazing cast and crew of @thegiftedonfox ThanX!@donner.lauren @mattnix71 @simondavidkinberg @foxtv @marvel @therealstanlee #dallas

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For the uninitiated, Polaris debuted in the The X-Men #43 in 1968. She has the gift of electromagnetic control, much like Magneto, and her suspicions that the powerful mutant was her father was finally confirmed in Uncanny X-Men #431 in 2003. Singer's photo shows a Polaris that fans aren't quite used to seeing, but given that The Gifted chronicles the early days of the mutants highlighted in the series, it's reasonable to believe Polaris' look will evolve. Fans certainly appear to want the character's more traditional look. In response to Singer's post, one fan is suggesting, "Please give Polaris her green hair."

Fox and Singer are playing it smart with the slow reveals, since it helps build anticipation for the series. They've no doubt been guarded about revealing too many images from The Gifted since it was ordered to series by the network in January. The director in late April posted a photo of Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee filming his cameo for the series (which will presumably come in the pilot episode), and a month before, the cast was pictured at a table read.

More is coming soon, though since Fox released a teaser trailer Tuesday featuring the likes of actors Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hynes-White, as well as Stephen Moyer, who along with Amy Acker, play parents trying to hide their children's mutant powers from the government. The network isn't making fans wait longer for more, since the teaser promotes a full trailer May 15. It's going to be a long wait until The Gifted premieres this fall, but by the looks of things so far, it will be worth it.

The Gifted will premiere on Fox at some point this fall.

Source: Bryan Singer

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