X-Men TV Show Casting Extras as Sentinel Techs & Students

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To say that Fox's X-Men franchise is having a good year would be an understatement. In theaters, Logan is being hailed as one of the superhero genre's greatest efforts to date, and may well go down as the best one of 2017 once the smoke clears. Meanwhile, FX's Legion is being hailed much the same way on TV. The mind-bending series has been a critical hit, and just got a second season renewal before the first eight episodes have even finished airing. On the TV side of things, FOX is hoping to once again strike gold with the upcoming Untitled X-Men Series, which will air on its flagship network sometime in the future.

Not only will X-Men producer Bryan Singer be involved with the series, but he'll be directing the pilot. The series is set to focus on a family with two young mutant children who have to go on the run from the government. This will put them in touch with an underground network helping to protect mutants, which will be led by Blair Redford's Thunderbird. He won't be the only name from comics joining the show, as both Blink and Polaris were recently added to the show. It's unknown how much the series will connect with the movies (if at all), but the casting announcements so far have proven Fox is definitely connecting it to the X-Men comics.

Now, a new announcement posted on My Casting File has offered us more insight on the series. Asking for a whole slew of extras for the upcoming X-Men TV series, the most tantalizing bit of info is that the show is seeking Sentinel techs. We heard awhile back that the mutant-hunting robots would be part of the FOX series, but it looks like there will be quite a bit of them if we're seeing some sort of factory scene.

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Meanwhile, a call for Native Americans for an outpost signals that Thunderbird might be part of a larger contingent of Indigenous people who are assisting mutants. Given the parallels between mutants and Native peoples, it's a wise move on FOX's part. It will also mark a rarity in television, which often overlooks Indigenous characters and actors.

The show is also seeking background characters for a seedy bar and a law office, along with a number of high school students. The latter listing could be for a new school of mutants, or simply a school where a new mutant emerges. The core cast is also growing daily, with genre TV alums like Stephen Moyer and Coby Bell having been recently added. For now, however, we're still waiting to learn the show's official title.

A recent tweet from X-Men producer Laura Shuler Donner of a cast reading for the pilot teased the title Gifted, but that was later revealed to be a working title for the show. Hopefully, something more evocative will be chosen for the final name of the series. With filming right around the corner, we're sure to get a lot more info soon, so stay tuned.

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The Untitled X-Men Series has no official air date yet.

Source: My Casting File

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