X-Men TV Series Casts Syfy Star as New Mutant Character

X-Men Comics Wolverine

After nine movies - 10 if you count Deadpool - the X-Men are headed to television with a few different shows, including a not-yet-named series on Fox. The plot of the series is already known - two parents with no mutant abilities learn that their children are mutants. With a government tracking down and discriminating against mutants, the whole family goes on the run. They fall in with a whole group of mutants in hiding. Facing prejudice, both from individuals and from the government is a common theme in the comics, as well as the various films and animated series based on the books. However, Xavier's School for the Gifted tends to operate in plain sight, whereas this series is about the mutants who try to hide.

The series does not yet have a name, but a cast is starting to be announced. Stephen Moyer is playing the powerless father trying to protect his children. After seven years of playing Bill Compton on True Blood, Moyer is certainly at home with fantasy, though it will be a stretch for him to play one of the vulnerable characters without powers after so much time playing a vampire living among humans. The leader of the mutant group will be played by Blair Redford (Switched at Birth). And playing Blink, a teleporting mutant who was first introduced to the comics in 1994 is Jamie Chung (The Hangover II and III). Chung already has a bit of history with comic book roles, she was in both Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and Big Hero 6.

And now another actor has been cast. According to Deadline, Sean Teale has been added in the role of Marcos Diaz/Eclipse. While Chung's mutant character has history with the comics, Eclipse seems to be an entirely original character, indicating that the new series will be a mix of existing and new material.

Sean Teale in Incorporated Syfy

Teale recently starred on the Matt Damon and Ben Affleck produced series Incorporated, which aired for one season on SyFy before being canceled. Previously, he starred in the first two seasons of Reign as Prince Conte and was in the final two seasons of the UK series Skins.

Teale's character Marcos Diaz is a bit of a rebel who struggles when it comes to working with others. He'll have to, under the circumstances, but is more likely to follow his heart than his head in battle. As Eclipse, his powers involve manipulating and even absorbing photons.

This new series is executive produced by Bryan Singer, Matt Nix, Lauren Shuler Donner, Simon Kinberg, Jeph Loeb and Jim Chory. Keep reading Screen Rant for all the latest news about the series.

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The as-yet untitled X-Men TV series has no release date.

Source: Deadline

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