FOX’s X-Men TV Series Starts Production; Set Photo Released


Fox's X-Men franchise has been enjoying a fantastic 2017 so far, with the massive success of the final Wolverine movie, Logan, and positive critical response to their first foray into live-action television with the trippy and complicated Legion. Now, the studio is hard at work on a second X-Universe TV series, the upcoming GiftedThe series revolves around a group of young mutants and their parents who are on the run from the government. The series will see multiple mutant powers make an appearance, and it sounds significantly more straightforward than Legion, with only a single reality for viewers to worry about.

Earlier this month, fans caught a glimpse of the cast together for the first time at a preliminary script reading, and now, executive producer Lauren Shuler Donner has released the first behind-the-scenes image from the upcoming show.

Donner shared the image on Twitter, along with the caption '"The Gifted" night shooting. Bryan Singer directing, Amy Acker acting.' The photo itself shows Amy Acker in close up, sitting in the front seat of a vehicle, shot from the seat behind her. Donner then re-tweeted the image with the caption "Tha fabulous @AmyAcker," tagging the actress in this second tweet.


"The Gifted" night shooting. Bryan Singer directing, Amy Acker acting.

— Lauren Shuler Donner (@ShuDonner) March 23, 2017

This is the second time the producer has referred to the show as Gifted, although this tweet suggests that the title of the series is not simply Gifted, but The Gifted -- which is a minor change. It was already known that Acker will star in the show, and that she will play the role of Kate Stewart, the wife and mother of the core family whose children have developed mutant powers.

It's exciting to see that filming for the series is underway, although there is no info on when the show will hit screens. (Despite IMDB listing it as June 2017, this has not been officially confirmed by the producers.) This behind-the-scenes image doesn't give anything away; as a parent on the run, it makes sense that she will appear on the road at some point, and this could be anything from an average evening before they have to go on the run, to the moment that the family has to flee their normal lives. Hopefully Donner will post more behind-the-scenes images and updates as the show is filming, as no doubt many will be interested to see how this latest corner of the X-Men universe unfolds.


Screen Rant will keep you updated on The Gifted as more information becomes available.

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