X-Men TV Series Casts Gotham's Natalie Alyn Lind


When it comes to Fox's X-Men franchise, it seems to go through peaks and valleys. The first two films were huge hits and critically lauded, but the third movie and first solo Wolverine outing failed to impress. The franchise started crawling back with X-Men: First Class and The Wolverine, but Apocalypse seemed to hit a new low. Surprising everyone, the sleeper success of Deadpool seemed to reinvigorate things. Now, Logan is all set to have a massive opening and has been wowing criticsLegion, meanwhile, is doing the same as the first live-action show set in the world of mutants.

Fox is hoping they can replicate all their recent success with their as-yet Untitled X-Men Series. It's been just a month since the show was given a series order, and we've already learned a lot about it. Focusing on an underground network of mutants and following a family trying to protect their two newly mutated children, the story will feature some familiar characters from the comics along with some new ones. Hunting the mutants, however, will be a familiar force, as the Sentinels are said to be making an appearance on the show. Just a few days ago, we learned True Blood's Stephen Moyer would be playing the patriarch of the primary family, and now his daughter has been cast as well.

Thanks to Variety, we know that Natalie Alyn Lind will be playing Lauren, described as "smart, pretty, popular, organized and already ahead on her college applications, she is the model of a perfect kid." That's a lot of depth for a teenager to contain within themselves, so it'll be interesting to see what Lind brings to the character. For fans of DC TV, Lind will be familiar from her stint on iZombie and from her time playing Silver St. Cloud on Gotham.

The series has really been shaping up despite being a relatively new venture. Along with Moyer and Lind, the past few weeks have seen a flurry of casting announcements. Today, we learned that Sean Teale (Reign) would be playing comic character Marcos Diaz, who will be made into a photon-controlling mutant named Eclipse for the series. He'll be joined by Jamie Chung as Blink, a teleporting mutant previously seen in Days of Future Past. And Blair Redwood will be playing a Native American mutant named Sam who is the leader of the underground resistance.


While details are still slim regarding the show, it's turning out to be packed with talent. Aside from the cast, things behind the camera will be very interesting. Not only will X-Men film progenitor Bryan Singer be producing the series, but he's going to direct the pilot as well. With all we know so far, it's not hard to imagine the new show being a hit. Expect more casting announcements very soon, and perhaps even a title for the show.

The Untitled X-Men Series will air on FOX on an as-yet undesignated date.

Source: Variety

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