X-Men TV Series Adds Burn Notice Star Coby Bell


Fox and the X-Men universe finally made it to TV this year, with the brand-new series Legion -- a trippy, complicated adventure with the supremely powerful David Haller (Dan Stevens). Now, FOX Network is looking to the future with a live-action X-Men series; an as-yet untitled show that will feature humans and mutants, as well as a few characters from the X-Men comics. Few details about the plot are known, although the pilot will be directed by Bryan Singer and written by Matt Nix, and definitely involves some sentinels.

While the air date and details are being kept under wraps, casting news has been coming in over the past few weeks. The show will star Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker as Reed and Kate, human parents of mutant kids. The couple must join up with a group of underground mutants including Blink (Jamie Chung) and Polaris. Now, another actor has been added to the cast list, and it sounds like he may be playing a villain.

Coby Bell, known for his work on Burn Notice and The Game, will be joining the new X-Men series as Jace Turner, Deadline reports. He is listed as a co-star of the show, suggesting that Jace will be a relatively major part of the series, and although we do not have many details about how he fits in to the pilot, we do have a character description.

"A weathered man who quietly wrestles with the moral ambiguities of a job that regularly requires cold-blooded, calculating efficiency on a day-to-day basis."

This won't be the first time that Bell has worked with Matt Nix, as the writer of the X-Men pilot is also the creator of Burn Notice. His character, Jace Turner, isn't one taken directly from the pages of the comics, so we don't know exactly who he is. However, based on our knowledge of mutantkind's place in this universe and the existence of an underground mutant group, it's safe to assume that a cold-blooded, morally ambiguous character is one who somehow deals with putting mutants down.


Bell certainly has the hardened character persona under his belt from his time on Burn Notice, and is more than capable of taking on the kind of action scenes expected from an X-Men TV series. It's also interesting to see a (presumably) villainous role cast -- this was definitely something missing from previous casting announcements that brought together the central family, mutant leader, and mutant friends.

As exciting as it is to see this cast rounded out, it's important to remember that we are still only speculating that this will be a villain role, and that more details about Jace Turner will need to appear before that can be 100 percent confirmed. We're also still waiting to hear when we can expect the show to air, and even what it will be called. Now that the core cast seems complete, more details should be revealed soon, and we'll keep you up to date as and when they do.


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Source: Deadline

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