X-Men: Supernova - Simon Kinberg on the Possibility of Directing

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The recent output of the X-Men cinematic universe has been shaped in large part by the work of writer/producer Simon Kinberg. He wrote the screenplays for both X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse, as well as 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand. The results have varied, but Kinberg has mostly been the one in the driver’s seat from a writing standpoint.

Though most of Kinberg’s career has been spent as a writer and producer, he is poised to make his first foray into directing. Kinberg is in talks to write and direct X-Men: Supernova, though nothing is official just yet and Kinberg would neither confirm nor deny the rumors in a recent interview.

In a new Q&A with, Kinberg spoke about the possibility of directing X-Men: Supernova. While he still couldn't confirm his role, he did say that the film has been in the works for a while.

“They didn’t announce [me as director], somebody broke a story about it that’s premature, but we have been talking about what the next X-Men movie would be since post-production on the last X-Men movie. We are prepping the film, can’t say much more than that, but we’re excited to get back into telling the story of the mainland X-Men.”

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Kinberg was then asked what his hypothetical directorial style would be like if he were to direct X-Men: Supernova. He spoke at length about his considerable learning experiences working with a number of accomplished directors during his career as a writer and producer:

”I’ve had the good fortune of working with a lot of good directors, from Bryan Singer to Ridley Scott to Sir Kenneth Branagh, and I’ve also had the opportunity to work with directors that aren’t as good and I learned a lot of lessons from those directors as well. I really like my job, I really like writing and producing movies. If that was my job for the rest of my life I’d be a very lucky man. My directorial style would probably be very similar to my writing and producing style, which is very collaborative.”

Kinberg ostensibly learned a lot from working with famous directors. He produced the Academy Award-nominated The Martian for Ridley Scott, who has long proven himself a master of visually striking, thematically compelling action and sci-fi. Bryan Singer, meanwhile, is an X-Men veteran who has apparently taught Kinberg a thing or two about how to handle the action and pacing of the X-Men universe throughout their time together. As far as absorbing knowledge and experience on directing, Kinberg was certainly in good hands. And a "collaborative" style suggests that he'd approach directing as more of a team project, rather than his singular, individual responsibility.

As much as Kinberg has excelled at times with his writing and producing in films set in the X-Men cinematic universe, he is completely unproven as a director. 20th Century Fox is taking considerable risks if it does officially tab Kinberg to direct X-Men: Supernova - especially if it's the franchise's latest attempt at the popular Dark Phoenix Saga, as the working title would suggest. But if Kinberg’s directing is as good as his writing, or anywhere near the quality of the directors he’s collaborated with in the past, his work behind the camera has a chance to be spectacular.

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