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X-Men: Apocalypse introduced many new interpretations of significant characters from the X-Men world such as Sophie Turner's Jean Grey, Tye Sheridan's Cyclops and Alexandra Shipp's Storm. But whilst these additions all had a decent share of screen time, one addition that had far less of an impact was that of Jubilee, played by Lana Condor. Jubilee's appearance in Apocalypse eventually amounted to little more than a cameo, leaving fans of the heroine disappointed.

Despite featuring regularly in the X-Men comic series, Jubilee is perhaps best known as one of the main characters in the animated X-Men series - featuring that famous theme song - and was voiced by Alyson Court. Although Condor's take on the role was the most prominent appearance of the character in the X-Men film franchise, many of her scenes were cut from the final edit, reportedly due to time constraints, although she did at least get to set up that hilarious joke about the 'third movie always being the worst'.

With the recent confirmation of a new entry in the main X-Men timeline - which is now reportedly not called Supernova - it appears as if Jubilee may get a second chance to make an impact as actress Lana Condor has hinted at her character's return in a recent Instagram post. Alongside an impressive piece of fan art, Condor writes: "I miss ya Jubilee...let's hang out again soon".

I miss ya Jubilee... let's hang out again soon ??? (thanks @mutanteorgulhosobr for the pic!)

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Although far from confirmation of a return, the post certainly teases the possibility of one, as new details surrounding the next X-Men movie begin to take shape. The post does, however, at least reaffirm that despite most of her material ending up on the cutting room floor, Lana Condor remains interested in reprising the role of Jubilee and this will be great news for fans who enjoyed the character's deleted scenes on the movie's DVD and Blu-ray release.

Fox's Marvel output finds itself in a somewhat strange situation right now. After Apocalypse was met with a very much mixed response, the studio has had two mega-hits in the form of R-Rated duo Deadpool and Logan. Despite pressing ahead with plans for another X-Men feature, it's difficult not to think that maybe the studio has found its niche with more mature material and that pursuing this route would ultimately lead to more lauded movies and better financial returns.

With that said, there have been reports that the next X-Men movie will represent somewhat of a soft reset of the franchise. With Apocalypse mostly underperforming at the box office despite featuring a host of A-List talent, the suggestions from Fox officials and series head Simon Kinberg have hinted at a new tone and feel to Fox's superhero centerpiece series. With rumors swirling that the forthcoming movie will focus on the Dark Phoenix saga, there is certainly an opportunity to go down a darker storytelling route and do justice to a story that many fans felt was botched in X-Men: The Last Stand.

Source: Lana Condor (via Instagram)

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