15 Overpowered Mutants Who Could EASILY Kill Us All

Some Marvel Mutants are so powerful it's scary. Check out our list of 15 overpowered beings that inspire both awe and fear.

If there's one thing the Marvel Universe has no short supply of, it's most certainly mutants. Ever since Stan Lee and Jack Kirby first introduced the concept back in the pages of 1963's The Uncanny X-Men #1, there have been a host of mutants boasting a variety of mind-boggling abilities and destructive powers.

Over the years, the bar has been raised even higher. Writers continue to up the ante, creating new mutants with even more impressive (and at times omnipotent) abilities. To help keep things in perspective in terms of which mutants pose the most danger to society, a power level ranking was established, also known as the Biomutative Classification. This greek numeral system went from Alpha all the way up to Omega, the latter of which concern mutants who are the most formidable in terms of sheer power, and our list will cover those whose particular mutations threaten the existence of Earth (and beyond) the most.

Whether these powers are wielded by tried and true villains intent on world domination (or destruction) or by the most formidable heroic mutants, all would prove lethal if left unchecked. With that in mind, here are 15 Overpowered Mutants Who Could EASILY Kill Us All if they really wanted to.

15 X-Man

Created by Mr. Sinister to serve the evil mutant Apocalypse (more on him in a bit), X-Man was designed to be the most powerful mutant of all time. So you can see why he made our list. Originating from the genetic material of Cyclops and Jean Grey, Nate Grey has a whole host of powerful abilities, including telekinesis, telepathy, psychometry, energy and astral projection, matter and energy manipulation, precognition, and even the power to cross dimensions.

X-Man has used these abilities to dramatic effect, almost destroying the Earth's magnetic field. Luckily for us, he's not all bad (he killed Apocalypse), but he's not exactly trustworthy either. Grey's powers were drastically reduced after time spent in the Omega machine, so he's not as eminent of a threat as he used to be, hence the lower ranking here. But if his powers were fully restored? Hide.

14 Wolverine

Wolverine Healing Factor

When you have fighting skills second to none, unbreakable adamantium claws, and a regenerative healing factor that makes you essentially immortal, you pose a threat to humanity, and Wolverine is one of the most dangerous mutants in the Marvel Universe.

Now you might be saying to yourself, "sure, he's dangerous, but how the hell could he wipe out everyone on Earth?" Well think about it: Logan has been alive ever since the late 18th century and he's still kicking (yes, we realize he has died a few times, but he never stays dead for long. How could he?).

In other words, it might take Wolverine a good, lonnnnngggg while to kill everyone on the planet, but he's got time to spare, and enough berserker rage to slice and dice all over the globe. And if he were to draft his equally invulnerable offspring X-23 and Daken into the fold, he could do it even faster. In other words, it might take a few hundred years to get the job done, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.

13 Magneto

Magneto isn't just the greatest villain The X-Men have ever faced, he also poses a threat to the entire planet. The power to manipulate and control magnetism gives him the ability to fling any number of deadly steel objects that could kill anyone unfortunate to be on the receiving end. Not to mention the fact that he can destroy any structure or vehicle containing metal, giving him the power to flatten cities and military forces.

As scary as that is, it's only an inkling of Magneto's (a.k.a., Erik Lehnsherr) powers. He can also control the entire magnetic field, meaning he has any number of ways of threatening Earth's destruction, from crippling our power supplies to destroying the planet's core. And even if he spares our lives, he'd just leverage his powers to enslave humanity. That's not exactly very comforting when you think about it.

12 Storm

Storm X-Men

The dangerous implications of climate change are becoming more apparent each day, but what if there was one person who could cause environmental catastrophe all on their own? Such is the case with Ororo Munroe, aka Storm.

A mutant able to bend the weather to her will, Storm has powers that have largely been limited to localized areas. That being said, there have been moments where her abilities have been greatly expanded, including the events in Rogue Storm, where she conjured catastrophic tempests that threatened to engulf all of Earth.

In addition to weather manipulation, Storm can also harness electromagnetic energy, which opens up even more possibilities to her destructive capabilities. Luckily for us, Ororo Munroe has generally fought on the side of good. But given that her powers can be amplified due to her moods, if she were to snap and fly into an uncontrollable rage, she might take the whole planet with her.

11 Hope Summers

An Omega level mutant born after the events of House of M and Decimation, Hope Summers is considered dangerous largely based on her untapped potential. The X-Men know she has extreme capabilities, but the full extent of her powers has yet to be firmly established.

Summer's birth sent out a pulse so immense that it destroyed Cerebro, and her time traveling adventures have given rise to various theories that she will either be the savior of humanity or our destructive downfall.

Think of Summers as Rogue on a grander scale: she can take on the abilities of other mutants, and even take on the powers of superheroes and villains who didn't get their gifts through mutation. She doesn't need to use touch to do it, and she can retain the powers indefinitely.

Summer has so far demonstrated powers including psionic abilities, pyrokinesis, and most dangerously, drawing power from the Phoenix Force. Having that destructive ability is frightening enough, but even more so given that she has no control over it and it's amplified by emotional distress. So she's essentially a ticking time bomb of an ever-expanding host of world-flattening powers.

10 Apocalypse

Apocalypse - Archnemesis of Cable

One of the most iconic X-Men villains (in the comics--let's not ruminate on his forgettable film appearance), Apocalypse is one of the world's first and oldest living mutants, and one of the most powerful, too. In addition to his inherent mutant powers, he gained even more abilities after merging with Celestial technology.

The end result is an evil mutant boasting a lengthy array of powers including technology, energy, molecular and matter manipulation, telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, invulnerability, regeneration, shape-shifting, super strength, stamina, speed, and reflexes. And to top it off, he has a genius-level intellect. Whew! So basically, he can make everything he wants and vaporize anything he hates. Not good.

It's no wonder that given this treasure trove of powers, Apocalypse is one of the greatest foes the X-Men and humankind have ever faced. The only reason he hasn't destroyed Earth is because he wants to rule it.

9 Matt Malloy

Matthew Malloy Omega Level Uncanny X-Men

We don't know a lot about this underused mutant, save one very important factor: Professor X's mutant tracking computer Cerebro designated Malloy as having the strongest power source of any mutant it's ever recorded. Impressive, no? And unnerving, too.

Having only been around for about 3 years, the total capabilities of Malloy's powers have yet to be fully demonstrated, he hosts a ton of mutant abilities, including telekinesis, reality warping, telepathy, energy generation, matter and space-time manipulation, teleportation, and resurrection. He's essentially a team of mutants packed in one body.

And Malloy has employed these powers to deadly effect, including killing the likes of Magick, Cyclops and Emma Frost. His mutant abilities terrified Charles Xavier so much that he took the drastic step of telepathically suppressing Malloy's powers so that he's no longer a threat to himself or others. For now, at least.

8 Charles Xavier

Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Logan, 2017

The founder of the X-Men, Xavier has made it his life mission to tutor young mutants, helping them control their powers, knowing they would be hunted and killed if they were ever to unintentionally (or otherwise) harm those who fear them. And that's because he knows just what its like to host an ability that holds such deadly implications.

An Omega level telepath, Xavier's powers hold few limitations: mind control, hypnotization, the ability to project hallucinations, all of which he wields with time practiced expertise. And with his computer Cerebro, he can track any mutant on the planet, giving him the power to access their psyches with ease.

But what would happen if Xavier's powers were used for evil? He could turn everyone on the planet into mind controlled zombies if he wished, or kill us all through psychic shockwaves. Logan explored (offscreen) the ramifications of what would happen if he lost control of his faculties (spoiler alert), with senility induced seizures that killed hundreds, and threatened millions more if he went without medication for long. Without control over his gifts, Xavier could wipe out the Earth's inhabitants in the blink of an eye.

7 Cassandra Nova

Cassandra Nova

Speaking of an evil Charles Xavier--Cassandra Nova is variation on that very theme.

Nova gained similar powers to Xavier in bizarre fashion. She's what's known as a mummudrai, an alien phantom entity that's essentially Xavier's evil twin. She infiltrated his mother's womb like a parasite, only to die after Xavier, able to sense evil as a fetus, used his psychic powers to save himself, his mother, and the world by leaving her stillborn.

Nova didn't stay dead for long, however: she built a new body and went on a campaign of murder and revenge, using her mutant powers to brainwash the Shi’ar Imperial Guard into attacking Earth, and built an elaborate plan that resulted in the deaths of over 16 million mutants in Genosha.

In addition to sharing Xavier's telepathic powers, Nova has additional lethal abilities including DNA duplication, cell regeneration, intangibility, cosmic fire and infernal control, immunity to magic, mind and body exchange, soul gathering, mind control, and dematerialization (to name but a few, she has too many to fully list here). The only thing standing against her, in the end, is Xavier, who's forever cursed with dueling his unholy sibling.

6 Legion

David Haller-Legion is crazy

If you think Charles Xavier poses a threat to humanity, his son Legion (David Haller) is even more dangerous, especially given his unstable mental state: Haller has multiple dissociative personalities, each one harnessing a dangerous superpower.

Haller has a host of impressive and frightening abilities, including telepathy, healing, pyrokinesis, super strength and speed, probability manipulation, reality warping, time travel, and even the power to create wormholes. He can also absorb the consciousness of others. And that's just what we know for now--every time he incorporates a new personality, he gains another power, giving him a seemingly unending ability to amass more ways to threaten humanity.

These mutant abilities are all the more destructive given that Haller can't control them properly, even more so given that many of his different personas are nihilistic in nature. His only failsafe is that he can only dole out one Earth-threatening feat of strength at a time. Somehow, that doesn't help us sleep better at night.

5 Unnamed Mutant/Murder Machine

Teenager from Ultimate X-Men #41

We never even knew his name, but the poor unnamed soul in Ultimate X-men #41 was one of the most lethal mutants to ever exist. Going through puberty is hard enough, and learning you're a mutant is even harder, but this kid's mutation is as bad as it gets.

The cursed teenager discovers, all too late, the deadly ramifications of his power: it's the uncontrollable ability to incinerate anyone in his general proximity. He kills 265 people in his small town, including his girlfriend and his entire family. Not good.

Professor X and the X-Men consider it their mission to find troubled mutants and guide them in controlling their powers so that they can protect themselves, mutant-kind, and humanity in general. But even Charles Xavier realized that there was no future for the adolescent, because he would ensure that there was no future for humankind thanks to his unstoppable, catastrophic curse. In the end, Wolverine was dispatched to put him out of his misery--a depressing but necessary act.

4 Clyde Wyncham (The Marquis of Death)

Marquis of Death

When you're costumed alter-ego is the Marquis of Death, odds are that you are one scary dude, and that describes Clyde Wyncham to a T. The villain has conquered time and space, making him one of the most powerful, God-like mutants in the whole Marvel Universe.

Wyncham's abilities include (but are not limited to) reality warping, matter and energy manipulation, transmutation, telepathy, telekinesis, mind control, illusion casting, shape-shifting, resurrection and immortality, invulnerability, and time travel.

And The Marquis of Death has used his mutant abilities to extremely destructive ends. He's traveled the multiverse, destroying every single universe he passes through, having made it his goal to destroy all of humanity. The most disturbing thing is how easy that would be for him to achieve if he were allowed to pursue his mission statement.

3 Mad Jim Jaspers

One of the most powerful mutants in existence, Mad Jim Jaspers (aka, The Crooked Man, The Crooked God and The Reality Butcher) was a former British Prime Minister on the alternate Earth-238,. There, he had a vocal anti-superhero agenda, which wasn't for the public good so much as it was to accomplish his evil deeds without repercussions or interference from the likes of Captain Britain.

Jaspers abilities make the mind reel: in addition to shape-shifting and regeneration, his reality warping powers dwarf most other Marvel characters with the same gift, so much so that he once altered the entire universe so beyond recognition that his planet was destroyed by the Dimensional Development Court to stop him from causing any further damage.

While Jaspers died in the explosion, alternate versions of the character have appeared throughout the years, each posing their own apocalyptic, reality altering threats.

2 Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards

The son of the Fantastic Four's Reed and Sue Richards is a freakishly overpowered child, befitting of his cosmic ray-ridden parents. His exhaustive list of abilities includes unlimited psionic and reality warping abilities, making him essentially a deity trapped in the body of a kid.

Richard's abilities are so great that the god-like intergalactic race The Celestials claim that his powers rival their own. He's even demonstrated the ability to create his own universes and lifeforms. What makes these extraordinary powers all the more unnerving is that they're in the control of a child who isn't fully emotionally developed, and often prone to brattish behavior. We can likely assume he'll grow up in the heroic steps of his parents, but what if he took a turn for the worse?

Think of it: he could resemble the omnipotent Anthony Fremont from the Twilight Zone episode "It's A Good Life", with the ability to wish all of humankind (or life in general) into the cornfield. The implications of his mutant gifts are frightening as hell.

1 Jean Grey (Or Anyone Who Wields The Phoenix Force)

Jean Grey was already one of the most powerful telepathic (and telekinetic) mutants, but her power became dangerously oversized once she became a host for the Phoenix Force. Not only did this cosmic energy make her psychotic, it also made her a mass murderer, killing over a billion people on a distant planet. In the end, she made the ultimate sacrifice, killing herself to end her reign of terror.

But the Phoenix Force, as mentioned earlier, isn't just confined to Grey: Hope Summers, Ink, Amber Hunt, Cyclops, Colossus, Fongji, Rook’shir, Quentin Quire, Rachel Summers, and Stepford Cuckoos are just a few Marvel characters who have hosted it for brief intervals. Hell, Wolverine even had it at one point.

Powers including prescience, matter and energy manipulation on a grand scale, life force manipulation and Cosmic awareness are too much for any individual to bear, making any host a living weapon capable of complete annihilation.


Well that wraps our list of the most dangerous Marvel mutants! Which mutants do you think are the greatest threats to our existence? Tell us in the comments!

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