X-Men: Straight to DVD?

Okay, X-Men: The Last Stand wasn't good. Considering how great the first two films were, the third was woeful in comparison. While most people tend to blame Brett Ratner, I blame the suits at Fox.

Ratner isn't a bad director, in fact I quite like him, he knows how to make a good popcorn flick, and his stab at a Hannibal Lecter film was much better than Ridley Scott's. Yes, you did read that correctly.

The Last Stand was ruined by a release date and Fox's wish stick a finger up at Bryan Singer, who bailed from the franchise to direct Superman Returns (a film that I really like).

Now that the money grabbers at Fox have realized that it's just too expensive to continue with the X-Men franchise in its original incarnation, they've apparently decided to milk the cash cow my going straight to DVD with a series of origin films.

Cool it Hugh Jackman fans, this doesn't mean the Wolverine film is going straight to Blockbuster. Jackman's too big a star for that and I reckon that his salary is going to be more than the combined budgets for these new "Origins" flicks.

Word on the street is that minor X-Men characters are going to get their chance to shine. It's not a bad idea, and considering that Hollywood is going straight to DVD crazy it makes a lot of financial sense.

It's an interesting idea and it could work, but let's just hope they stay away from Halle Berry!

Source: Joblo

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