X-Men Star Says It's 'Definitely Time' For A Storm Spinoff

X-Men: Dark Phoenix star Alexandra Shipp thinks a Storm solo movie is long overdue - and she's got some strong feelings about what the theme should be when it finally gets made. Twentieth Century Fox has had a rollercoaster of a year. With it seeming like Disney was all set to buy up the film and TV assets of the company, Comcast may nab Fox instead. Either way, the future of the X-Men on the big screen is uncertain, and that remains the case even now.

This was supposed to be the year that the XCU caught up to Marvel Studios and released three films, but that was before both The New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix were pushed back. If Gambit can land a director and start filming very soon, then 2019 will be packed with X-Men content. For now, however, fans are eagerly awaiting February when the next core X-Men film will arrive. Attendees at CineEurope were able to see the Dark Phoenix trailer, with the word being it was much better than many expected given the behind-the-scenes chaos. And if the movie does as well as the first trailer, then perhaps the future of the franchise will finally see more characters get their own solo films.

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THR spoke with X-Men: Dark Phoenix star Alexandra Shipp about her younger take on the character Storm, who debuted in X-Men: Apocalypse. She'll be part of the main team in the upcoming film, but the outlet also posed the question of whether the actor and studio have discussed a solo film.

Not yet, but I am hoping we will get around to it. It is definitely time for these Storm fans to get the movie they have been dying for.

X-Men Apocalypse Trailer Storm Horseman

Fans have indeed been hoping for a solo Storm movie, especially as Halle Berry's version of the character was poorly received during the original trilogy. Shipp didn't get much time to shine in the role, but she's a rising star in the indie world thanks to films like Love, Simon and Tragedy Girls. So if anyone could lead a film, it'd be her. And while nothing is in the works, Shipp still has some ideas about the fiercely independent mutant leader.

There are so many different storylines that we could take on when it comes to Storm — whether she is losing her powers or going back to Africa. I just want there to be a message of "this woman doesn't need a man." Just one movie where a woman doesn't need a man, really.

Whether Storm shows up in Black Panther 2, leads a team of X-Men in a new franchise, or gets a solo film, fans will be pleased to see the weather-manipulating mutant finally get the spotlight she deserves. If Fox continues making X-Men movies, a Storm franchise isn't out of the question. Multiple Man and Kitty Pryde movies are in the works, so Fox is certainly not slowing down when it comes to spinning out their universe. Disney would also likely be keen on a Storm movie should the X-Men head to the MCU, but Shipp probably wouldn't retain the role if that were to happen. The odds of a Storm solo film aren't clear, but fans of the character won't have to wait much longer to see her in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

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Source: THR

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