X-Men Origins: Wolverine Fact Sheet

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a flick which has been plagued by much rumor, as of late. Some are saying that director Gavin Hood (Rendition) has been butting heads with Fox execs over the "dark tone" of the film; others are saying that star Hugh Jackman is butting heads with his director; and quite a few people close to the film are promising that it will feature a few surprises, and more cameos from Marvel's mutant gallery than you can shake a stick at. was kind enough to do the research the rest of us were too lazy to do, putting together a fact sheet of confirmed (as in fully quoted and linked) Wolverine plot points, in order to help us all sort fact from fiction.

Well... as it just so happens, we here at Screen Rant are not in the business of ruining the movie before you've gotten a chance to see it. However, the UGO fact sheet is pretty handy, and those who don't mind being cinematically clairvoyant can get a look at it here - but I warn you, there are a few SPOILERS behind that link! Preview-phobic readers might want to avert their eyes.

Personally, I'm hoping this film does end up being more on the adult side of things.  Wolvy has never been the most kid-friendly character in Marvel's stable, and his story has always been a savage, gritty, sordid tale. (Hence his ability to rapidly heal from injury.)

I'm also itching to see how the Wolverine/Sabretooth relationship is going to play out. To fanboys of the world, the Creed/Logan rivalry is as famous as the Batman/Joker conflict.

Guess we'll get the answers to ALL questions when X-Men Origins: Wolverine hits theaters on May 1, 2009.

Source: UGO

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