X-Men Origins: Wolverine Blu-ray Features Review

Special Features:

Included with another set of links to the commentaries from the three previously listed dignitaries, are a good set of features that stoke the fundamental fires of comic interest.

The Roots of Wolverine - A Conversation with Stan Lee and Len Wein: I work with another effort where we literally drop microphones between "2 Guys Talking" and record what they say during a variety of discussions. This two-man interview is just that: a couple of legends in the comic book business having a great conversation about the fundamental make up of Wolverine. When you consider the experience, talent, stories and knowledge conveyed here, this feature is all-too short to be sure. Included are a bits of Wolverine's true origin, a complete disregard "for blogs" from both of these masters of Marvel, and breaking down how his original powers "worked" for Stan the Man. A great introspection for a man that wasn't depicted inside of this Marvel offering.

Wolverine Unleashed - The Complete Origins Featurette: This is another great piece where we learn not only about the focus on impressing the "origins" about Wolverine in this movie to get it out of the way, but also that it was one of the edicts of the studio to get it on screen and out of the way. A series of behind the scenes and discussions showcase the interest in showing more detail of Wolverine's origins and just how "badass" Wolverine is. There's not only great discussion with and about Hugh, but with many of the other actors in the film. Mix in claw concept discussion, stunt detail and more, suddenly those of us that are hard-core Wolverine fans, have targeted another juicy but short steak to gnaw on.

Weapon X Mutant Files: Looking for a diamond in the rough in a Blu-ray? This series of quick visits to each of the characters inside the film (including the character of Stryker, gives you some great "what were they thinking" while making this movie - which is one of the largest questions asked by fans when this film was let loose in theaters. It includes a LOT of effects-based concept stuff.

The Thrill of the Chase: The Helicopter Sequence: I've learned that it took weeks to film this sequence and when you hear it explained, it makes sense. What doesn't make sense is why this scene was so ridiculous in the film. It's great to see the construction and "how'd they do that" but - wow.

Deleted and Alternate Scenes: There are almost 10 minutes of footage featured here, giving you four scenes that include a young Storm cameo in their raid on Africa, a strange appearance of Victor at John Wraith's boxing gym, another series where Logan volunteers to let Stryker erase his memories via a strange electro-schock therapy and an Iron Man-like prologue in a Japanese bar.

Fox Movie Channel Presents World Premiere: When X-Men Origins: Wolverine launched in Tempe, Arizona, cameras were there to capture it all. Why? For those that did'nt know, Tempe won a contest to have the premiere be held there. This is the only feature that isn't in high definition but it's very short.

Ultimate X-Mode: This is the only feature on the Blu-ray DVD that lacks some polish. Those of you familiar with special feature will recognize this as the feature that allows you to "watch the feature film" and when you see one of a series of icons, you can then watch that piece as well. I think it's a bit distracting but it all falls into the "more information about the making of the movie is a good thing" vein.

Fox on Blu-Ray: Had I mentioned that the advertisements for the movies featured on the front of this Blu-ray weren't closed captioned or subtitled? Well, neither are any of these advertisements, featured on the tail end of the features selections of this Blu-Ray.

And now it's time to tell us what you think of the features listed above. Do they add value to the "kind of cool" X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Discuss below!

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