X-Men: Who Should Be Cast As The New Mutants?

Cable and Jon Hamm side-by-side

With X-Men: Apocaplyse now in theaters, fans of the X-Men comics can now turn their attention to future stories concerning these heroes. One title that has recently garnered a lot of attention is the mysterious New Mutants movie. In the comics, the New Mutants are a group of young students with various strange abilities led by Professor Charles Xavier. With the X-Men comic series being as prosperous as it was, Marvel decided to capitalize on the property's successes by creating a spin-off, aptly named New Mutants.

As a lesser known property outside the world of comic book fans, 20th Century Fox looks to be taking a major risk by adapting the New Mutants series, but with big names like Hugh Jackman at the end of their run with this beloved film franchise, it might be the right move. With casting rumors circulating the web, we thought we would throw our hat in the ring with a handful of names that we would like to see in the X-Men spin-off film.

Here is who we think should be cast as the New Mutants.

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Cannonball and Alden Ehrenreich side-by-side
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12 Cannonball (Samuel Guthrie) – Alden Ehrenreich

Cannonball and Alden Ehrenreich side-by-side

Samuel Zachary Guthrie is a southern gentleman with old fashioned values and a strong work ethic. As a founding member of the New Mutants, Cannonball rose through the ranks to become a member of the X-Force, and later the X-Men, due to his reliable and trustworthy personality – along with his ability to fly at jet speeds. As a character who is defined by his beliefs, this young mutant is often described as a natural born leader with integrity. Sam is written as a bit of a mild-mannered persona throughout the comics, but his consummate leadership attributes allowed him to act as the eventual co-captain for this group of young heroes.

Alden Ehrenreich has only recently built up a name for himself with his role in the Coen brother's latest directorial effort Hail, Caesar!, but has continued his charge toward stardom with the announcement that he is slated to star as young Han Solo in an upcoming Star Wars anthology film. Future roles aside, Ehrenreich has already nailed the audition to play Cannonball in the upcoming New Mutants film, with his portrayal of easygoing southern boy, Hobie Doyle, in the aforementioned Coen brothers movie. The character of Samuel Guthrie is perhaps less comedic than that of Hobie Doyle, but nevertheless, this up-and-comer certainly has the chops to lead a film of this magnitude.

11 Karma (Xi'an Coy Mahn) – Malese Jow

Cannonball and Alden Ehrenreich side-by-side

Like so many other X-Men characters, Xi'an's origin story is rooted in tragedy. Her tale, however, is probably even darker than most: involving the Vietnamese War, the death of most of her immediate family members, and even the rape of her and her mother. After uncovering her mind possession powers, ensuing events (which include appearances by Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four) eventually landed this troubled teen at the door of Professor Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters where she briefly served as the first leader of the New Mutants.

At 25, this actress is known more for numerous television appearances, although she did manage to score a supporting role in David Fincher's 2011 Best Picture Nominee The Social Network. Jow continues to regularly sign on for recurring roles on popular television programs – Big Time Rush, The Vampire Diaries, and The Flash – but has proven herself ready to take the next step in her career and make the jump to becoming a top billing actress in major Hollywood films.

10 Mirage (Danielle Moonstar) – Devery Jacobs

Moonstar and Devery Jacobs side-by-side

With an unusual backstory and a rich heritage rooted in Native American culture, Mirage (also known as Danielle "Dani" Moonstar) quickly became one of the New Mutants' more intriguing characters and not to mention its co-leader alongside Cannonball. Boasting numerous psionic powers, along with telepathy, superhuman strength, and the ability to sense death, Moonstar serves, not only as one of the team's more interesting heroes, but as one of the strongest as well.

Devery Jacobs may not be a well known actress by most moviegoer's standards, but she has displayed acting chops in various indie movies and short films. However, Jacobs' starring role in the the award-winning festival film Rhymes for Young Ghouls is perhaps the best display of her acting prowess – earning her a Genie Award nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role. With a young yet blossoming career, a big-budget film such as New Mutants might in fact be the next logical step for Devery Jacobs, and 20th Century Fox would certainly be lucky to have her.

9 Sunspot (Roberto "Bobby" da Costa) – Tyler Hoechlin

Sunspot and Tyler Hoechlin side-by-side

Bobby is known as a fantastic athlete, so talented in fact, that recruiters from his home nation of Brazil were considering him for the country's Olympic soccer team. Unwittingly, Roberto unleashed his powers – which included superhuman strength, flight, and the ability to absorb and redistribute solar power – during a match to the surprise of himself and many in attendance. Ensuing events (including the kidnapping of his girlfriend Juliana) led the Brazilian native to other eventual members of the New Mutants, and their inevitable team-up blossomed from there. Sunspot has been written as an impulsive, and headstrong character who can be a bit cocky at times, but he is also known as a good friend and teammate to his fellow mutants.

Tyler Hoechlin really seems to fit this character perfectly. He has appeared in numerous popular television programs – 7th Heaven and Teen Wolf most notably – and continues to pop up in Hollywood films. His latest role as McReynolds in Richard Linklater's Everybody Wants Some is probably the best display of his talents yet, and not to mention, a nice segue into a role such as Sunspot. As a former college baseball player, he is certainly athletic enough to portray Roberto, and his abilities as an actor most certainly qualify him as a candidate for the part.

8 Wolfsbane (Rhane Sinclair) – Maisie Williams

Wolfsbane and Maisie Williams side-by-side

Rhane Sinclair is a Scottish mutant with the ability to transform into a sort of werewolf-like creature. As an adopted child of Moira MacTaggart (portrayed by Rose Byrne in X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Apocalypse), Wolfsbane is later recruited by Professor Charles Xavier in order to attend his School for Gifted Youngsters. With an upbringing rooted in strong religious beliefs, Rhane often finds herself at odds with other members of the group (specifically Magik), the very idea of mutants and mythological beings, and even at times her own powers.

For months, Maisie Williams has already been the talk of numerous rumors already placing her in the role of Wolfsbane for the New Mutants spinoff. Still, nothing has been confirmed by 20th Century Fox, so we should take this news as mere speculation for the time being. That said, the casting appears to make perfect sense. Signing the young Game of Thrones star to portray Rhane Sinclair is not a move foreign to numerous fan castings across the web, but just because it is the obvious choice, that does not mean that it is necessarily the wrong one either.

7 Cypher (Douglas "Doug" Ramsey) – Asa Butterfield

Cypher and Asa Butterfield side-by-side

Cypher is a mutant with semi-telepathic and semi-clairvoyant powers, but his greatest strength is probably his ability to easily understand and translate languages. Additionally, Douglas Ramsey is adept at deciphering codes and computer programs. The young hero may not be what most people would think a super powered individual is in the traditional sense, but his various mutations and abilities have come in handy on numerous occasions throughout the New Mutants and X-Men comics.

Before the world fell in love with Tom Holland's portrayal of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Marvel Studio's latest blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War, it was widely believed that Asa Butterfield had won the part. With various quality performances in films such as Hugo, Ender's Game, and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, it is easy to see why studios are so enamored with this actor. As one of Hollywood's most promising young stars, it is just a matter of time before Butterfield finally breaks out as a top billing actor and potentially a household name. Simply put, any project would be lucky to have him on its roster.

6 Magma (Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla) – Skyler Samuels

Magma and Skyler Samuels side-by-side

As her name might suggest, Magma possesses the ability to generate and manipulate lava. Additionally, Amara's powers include both Earth manipulation and flight. Utilizing her abilities to control tectonic plates and summon molten rocks from the Earth's core, Magma is strong enough to cause a seismic upheaval. During the New Mutant's travels to Nova Rome, a fictional country in the Marvel Comics, she is recruited and urged by her father to move to the United States and attend Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

As far as television is concerned, Skyler Samuels has been fairly busy starring in season one of Fox's horror comedy Scream Queens and ABC Family's The Nine Lives of Chloe King all within the last five years. Additionally, she has served as a recurring character on the likes of American Horror Story, The Gates, and Disney Channel's Wizard's of Waverly Place. With roles in more and more films as of late – The Duff, The Stepfather, Helicopter Mom – we would love to see Samuels step into a film role like Magma relatively soon.

5 Magik (Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina) – Anya Taylor-Joy

Magik and Anya Taylor-Joy side-by-side

Younger sister to longtime X-Men Colossus (most recently played by Stefan Kapicic in Deadpool), Illyana is a Russian mutant with various abilities – inter-dimensional teleportation and sorcery among others. As one of the more mystical X-Men characters, Magik's powers are an exploration into a more supernatural realm, more so than any of 20th Century Fox's on screen characters thus far. The live-action film's have dabbled in politics, prejudices, science, and even some religious overtones with the latest movie – X-Men: Apocalypse – but never all that much into sorcery or magic. This foray into a more fantastical sphere could potentially be an interesting new twist for this long-running franchise.

Along with Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy has also been the talk of numerous casting rumors. Reportedly, the star from this year's breakout horror film The Witch is slated to portray Magik in 20th Century Fox's adaptation of New Mutants. Outside of the recent horror/period piece, there is not a large sample size in which to judge the young actress. Although, it should be noted that she was absolutely phenomenal in Robert Eggers The Witch. That said, we are really excited to see what the young actress will bring to the table in New Mutants, assuming these reports are accurate.

4 Warlock – Donald Glover

Warlock and Donald Glover side-by-side

Yet another character who would allow for the X-Men cinematic franchise to explore new terrain is Warlock. As a member of the alien Technarchy, an extra-terrestrial race of cybernetic shape shifters, Warlock is actually an entirely different species rather than a mutant, but nevertheless, joins the team of young heroes. As a foreign, robotic shape shifter, this member of the New Mutants often plays the role of comedic relief, generally either in the form of visual gags or awkward, situational comedy.

Mostly known for his role on the cult comedy Community, Donald Glover has a mind for humor which would certainly come in handy while portraying Warlock. Having written for the hit Emmy Award winning television show 30 Rock, the 32-year-old celebrity has experience on that side of the fence as well. Glover is also no stranger to the big screen, having played a supporting roles in The Martian, Magic Mike XXL, The Lazarus Effectand Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Day most notably. Not to mention, the young actor has numerous voice acting credits: Adventure Time, Regular Show, Robot ChickenChina, IL and Ultimate Spider-Man. Simply put, Donald Glover displays all of the attributes necessary to portray this comic book character. He may not have gotten the Spider-Man role that many of his fans were hoping for – due to the studio wanting to go with a younger Peter Parker – but maybe Warlock could be a decent consolation prize.

3 Boom Boom (Tabitha Smith) – Nicola Peltz

Boom Boom and Nicola Peltz side-by-side

As a late addition to the New Mutants, Boom Boom serves not only as a romantic partner to Cannonball (Samuel Guthrie), but a valued member of the X-Men and even the X-Force. Tabitha comes from a divorced family with an abusive father, and even amasses a criminal record before attending the School for Gifted Youngsters. This former rebellious kleptomaniac has the ability to create orbs of psionic energy, which she refers to as her "time bombs."

Nicola Peltz has proven herself as a talented young actress known for her roles on television and the big screen. Okay, so her movie choices have not served as the best career decisions – The Last Airbender, Deck the Halls, and Transformers: Age of Extinction – but even so, the 21-year-old has proven her acting abilities in the hit television series Bates Motel. Additionally, arguably more so than any other actor or actress on this list, Peltz would absolutely nail the look of this comic book character. Aesthetics may not be the most important attribute for casting decisions, but it certainly doesn't hurt that the young up-and-comer really does look like the character she would be portraying.

2 Legion (David Charles Haller) – Will Poulter

Legion and Will Poulter side-by-side

Legion is perhaps the New Mutant's most infamous nemesis, and not to mention the son of Professor Charles Xavier. Even from a young age, David Haller was extremely strong, possessing numerous powers: telekinesis, telepathy, time travel, and even the ability to warp reality entirely. Legion is an extremely complex and interesting anti-hero/villain, so much so that he will in fact be the focal point of the FX television series, aptly named Legion, which is slated for eight episodes in early 2017. Originally set to coincide with the X-Men cinematic universe, it is now stated by Fox that the series will be its own separate entity, perhaps allowing another version of the character the opportunity to grace the big screen.

Will Poulter may still be best recognized for his role as the goofy Kenny Rossmore from the 2013 comedy We're The Millers, but the young actor has since proven his talents in a various other films as well – The Maze Runner, Gasland, and the 2016 Best Picture nominee The Revenant. While the sample size for Poulter is still relatively small, we would still certainly be excited to see his take on this notorious anti-hero.

1 Cable (Nathan Summers) – Jon Hamm

Cable and Jon Hamm

This is a man who needs no introduction, but we will give him one anyway. Yes, most of us comic book movie fans know by now that Cable will be making his way to the big screen in Deadpool 2, thanks to a hilarious and informative post-credit scene from the Merc With a Mouth himself. Still, it should also be noted that the character got his start in the New Mutants comic book run. With the internet simply going crazy over the news concerning Cable's appearance in the Deadpool sequel, it may be wise for 20th Century Fox to throw the soldier into a few other films as well.

There are certainly numerous actors who could play the role of Cable and could do the character justice – Kyle Chandler, Stephen Lang, Karl Urban, and Gerard Butler among others – but one name that we find particularly intriguing is Jon Hamm. The former Mad Men star is simply one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood today. This Emmy Award winner has not only been one of the best actors on television for years now, but has also served a talented force on the big screen as well – Minions, Million Dollar Arm, Shrek Forever After, and The Town most notably. Not to mention, Hamm has also made his talents known as a comedic presence. At the end of the day, there are plenty of talented actors who could play the role, but there is arguably no one more qualified on the list of potential casting choices than John Hamm.


What do you think or our casting choices? Who would you like to see portray the New Mutants? Make sure to give your picks and opinions in the comments section.

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