X-Men: 15 Characters You Didn't Know Mystique Hooked Up With

Plenty of Marvel fans consider Mystique to be one of the most attractive comic book characters ever written, and there are several reasons why this is true. Not only can she morph into anything and anyone, making her the ultimate fantasy, but she also has total command over herself, exhibiting a confidence and sensuality that is palpable.

Combined with her deadly skills and cunning mind, Mystique's seductive nature makes her incredibly dangerous--especially when you consider the fact that she uses her allure as part of her arsenal of weapons in order to achieve her goals. She's even used her body in non-consensual ways, demonstrating just how ruthless she is willing to be. Say what you will about how cruel and callous she can be, but never underestimate the power of Mystique.

It's not that Mystique never has affairs for her own pleasure, but throughout her history most of her relationships were merely ruses used to manipulate or trick people. In fact, many believe that after Mystique's best friend and perhaps the love of her life died (more about that later), she never truly loved anyone again.

Whether it was for business, pleasure or both, here are 15 Characters You Didn't Know Mystique Slept With.

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Professor X Mystique Married
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15 Professor X

Professor X Mystique Married

This one came out of left field-- or should we say out of the movies, since the very idea didn't even seem plausible until Professor X and Mystique shared the screen together? After Professor X died, the X-Men discovered that not only had he left the school to his wife, but that his wife was Mystique herself.

There is absolutely no mention of this prior to the reading of his will, making it clear that his students were baffled (or, in the cause of the callous Snow Queen, delighted) by the knowledge.

It's fair to guess that the two slept together in their marriage, although it's obviously anything but your standard case of matrimony. Most people speculate that this was simply a way to tie in the movies, just as Raven's bumpy, naked blue skin in later comics did.

14 Iceman

Mystique iceman bobby drake xmen

Everyone's favorite wise-cracking master of ice and the queen of cold, icy calculation... Who saw that one coming? Alas, poor Bobby was just another victim of Mystique's deception as she was not truly working on the side of good, as he believed, but was undercover for Mister Sinister the entire time. She even manages to make herself look a lot younger to match Iceman more closely, which isn't surprising, given her powers.

After the two share some intense personal moments together that would look pretty sexy if you didn't already know that Mystique was using Bobby (and who didn't?), she not only shot him, but cut off his arm while he was in ice form.

When you get involved with Mystique, you risk getting maimed or even murdered, as many of her lovers discover.

13 Deadpool

What do you mean, Mystique and Deadpool were MARRIED? It's true: in Deadpool #27, not only was it revealed that Wade Wilson was once married to Mystique, but that he was also asking her to sign divorce papers!

Being married to Pool obviously means sexy time for both participants, but how did they even end up together anyway? It was during Wade's years of involvement with the Weapon X program. As with many of her previous lovers, Mystique had simply been using him as her access card to get into Weapon X and steal files. Typical.

It's not the weirdest marriage of Deadpool, though. He has married Domino, Outlaw, and plenty of other characters that he hasn't even been romantically linked to, and he's come close to marrying Ms. Marvel. His weirdest wife, of course, was a sock puppet of Copycat.

12 Nightcrawler's Dad

Nightcrawler and Father Azazel comic panels

Fans of the X-Men films who've never read the comics will be most surprised by this one: Azazel, the demon who worked with Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost, was not only Nightcrawler's dad, but the lover of Mystique, who happens to be Nightcrawler's mom.

Azazel, whom she had an affair with while married to Baron Christian Wagner, is one of the earliest lovers in Mystique's life. She slept with him after he turned on the charm, but it was also during a time in her life when she sought a child. Azazel only wanted to have sex with her (and as many other women as possible) in order to create ties to Earth and retain his ability to return to the planet as he desired.

Mystique attempted to get rid of Kurt Wagner when he was born, tossing him into a river, but Azazel rescued him only to ask an old flame to raise him as one of her own.

11 Magneto

Rebecca Romijn as Mystique in XMen First Class

Although the relationship isn't comic book canon, many fans loved seeing Magneto and Mystique as a couple in the X-Men films. Not only did Eric appreciate her in her natural, blue-skinned glory in a way that her love interest Beast simply failed to do, but it also helped make their involvement in the first X-Men trilogy make more sense.

Although the newer X-films gave Mystique a richer history with a humanity and authenticity that made her so much more sympathetic than she's ever been in the comics, the earlier movies seemed to do the opposite, rendering her some kind of order-following naked minion.

As much as we missed the white dress and skull getup, at least this gave them a backstory that sort of made sense (unless you're one of the fans who likes to pretend those first three films never happened in the first place).

10 Gambit

Gambit Foxx

When Mystique posed as a new mutant named Foxx, she said it was to protect her adopted daughter, Rogue. She planned on seducing Gambit in order to prove that he wasn't right for her daughter, and the scene between the two of them is literally steamy, seeing as it took place in the shower.

It's implied that the two didn't go all the way together, no matter how far Mystique tried to push it, but the last panel where Remy is holding himself against the wall either indicates that he attempted to relieve his frustrations on his own after she left or that she may have stuck around after all.

Either way, Remy only knows Foxx as an underage student and should want nothing to do with him, but Mystique's specialty is ferreting out peoples' weaknesses and exploiting them, often via sex.

9 Beast

Beast and Mystique Makeout

It's not comic canon, but in the X-Men film franchise there's a really cute relationship between Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence, and Beast, portrayed by Lawrence's then-boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult.

There's more context clues in a deleted scene from X-Men: Days of Future Past that not only point to a sexual relationship between the two but also redeem Beast's character a bit. He had proven to be cruel to Raven, pushing her away from him and rejecting her natural appearance, but in this steamy scene, during which they both morph into their blue alter-egos as they roll around on the floor, he says she is beautiful.

It's a shame that the scene had to be cut, especially given how much audiences adore the younger, kinder version of Mystique and how much Days of Future Past opened up the X-universe for some retcon.

8 Wolverine

Wolverine kills Mystique X-Men

It may come as no surprise that Mystique has slept with everyone's favorite member of the X-Men, Wolverine. They are both attractive, powerful mutants, and his morals are pretty questionable for a hero, so why not?

The shocker is that they've tried to hurt or kill each other so many times that it pretty much redefines toxic relationship. In fact, Wolverine did kill her, leaving her for dead and her body to be auctioned off! She didn't stay dead, of course, but it's still a pretty terrible ex-boyfriend story.

Both are also among the oldest mutants alive, and they've hooked up as early as the 1900s and as late as the House of M story line. Mystique has also transformed into Wolverine and framed him for various infractions, including murder.

7 Sabretooth

mystique sabretooth

Mystique and Sabretooth make less sense than Raven and Logan, mostly because Sabretooth seems much more wild and unhinged (okay, most of the time), making him unsuitable for the cunning and crafty Mystique. The two shared some moments that were so tender, they could've been one of the cutest couples of Marvel-- had they, you know, not had Wolverine's blood all over their boots and whatnot.

The couple's time together was brief, but they did conceive a child who not only had zero mutant abilities but also absolutely despised mutants. Graydon Creed was put up for adoption and grew to become an anti-mutant politician. To stop him from obliterating mutantkind, Mystique from the future murdered her own son with a plasma beam that disintegrated his entire body.

6 Baron Christian Wagner

Baron Christian Wagner

He wasn't Nightcrawler's dad, but Baron Christian Wagner is the man from which Kurt gets his last name. Wagner couldn't have children, so his wife, devastated and desperately in desire of a baby, sought out other male company in order to get one. Sure, she became a baroness, but she didn't want to barrenness out of the deal. That's when she hooked up with Azazel, above.

Like many of the lover of Mystique, Wagner was a marriage she entered out of desire for power and wealth, not love. He had no idea that she was a mutant and when he became suspicious of her pregnancy, demanding a blood test, she stabbed him to death and buried him outside their castle. It wasn't until the village people ran her off upon seeing both her and her child's blue skin that she abandoned her castle and position of power.

5 Daken

Not only has Mystique had sex with Wolverine, but there's a very real possibility that she's gotten it on with his son from his union with Itsu, Daken.

Unlike most of the men in this list, Daken can actually give Mystique a run for her money when it comes to using his sexual prowess as a weapon. He oozes sex appeal, charming both men and women and like her, he is also bisexual. The two have plenty of chemistry and openly ogle and flirt with one another in various states of undress.

Does Mystique have sex with her old flame's son? Anyone can guess at what has really happened between the two but it's certainly implied with the two of them flirting naked in the room together. Nobody would be surprised if either of them claimed the other as a bedpost notch.

4 Forge

Forge Of The X-Men

Most comic fans know him as the tech-savvy, long-haired lover of X-Men member Storm, but the weather witch didn't always have dibs on the clever inventor. Mystique and Forge become unlikely lovers long after Mystique's best friend and lover Destiny foretells their affair and dies, for which a grieving and devastated Mystique blames Forge.

It's difficult for anyone to imagine them together, but after he and Storm finally call it quits for good after years of yo-yoing back and forth, he ended up with Mystique as he treated her for schizophrenia.

It's not a story that people always remember, but in 1992’s Uncanny X-Men #290 we see her fall apart after Destiny dies, partly due to the trauma but also partly due to her own shifting personality, which comes with constant shifting thoughts.

It's actually Psylocke, not Forge, who cures Mystique's illness yeas later, which initially angers Raven, and after she calls Forge her father during their time together, it's easy to wonder if their brief affair was healthy at all.

3 Senator Brickman

Miles Brickman Mystique XMen

In Mystique's history, there have been a couple of times when she was pretty dishonest when it came to her sex life-- so dishonest that it really constituted as rape. As much as some might claim that her shape-shifting abilities are the stuff fantasies are made of, they can also be the makeup of nightmares. One of the people she posed as in order to obtain power is the wife of Senator Miles Brickman, Mallory Brickman.

Not only did Mystique pose as the senator's wife, but she also murdered him! His death was ruled a suicide, but once it was discovered that he had not truly killed himself out of his own paranoid fears, she killed him. This is a storyline that would probably cause a lot more outrage had it been a man posing as the husband of a senator to trick her only to slay her later.

2 Fantomex

Fantomex of Marvel's X-Men

Having sex with someone as mysterious as Fantomex may seem like a truly Mystique thing to do, but in this case the villainess entered into dark territory once again by posting as someone else in order to bed him. In this case, Fantomex believed himself to be having sex with Psylocke when it was truly Mystique in his bed, pretty much making Mystique a serial rapist.

In the past, some Marvel writers have commented that rape can only happen when someone is forced against their will, a truly erroneous statement to make. It's non-consensual sex, as simple as that, and when you have sex with someone thinking they are someone else, that's deception and assault, not sex.

She's also attempted to murder Fantomex with a techno-organic virus, making him another one of the many lovers that she's tried to kill in addition to sleep with.

1 Destiny

Mystique and Destiny in X-Men

The future-viewing mutant known as Destiny was once Mystique's best friend, but it's all been but admitted that she was also her one true love. In fact, Mystique was supposed to have had Nightcrawler with Destiny, but the Marvel Powers That Be thought it too risque at the time since it would make Mystique a male in the situation as well as the pair a lesbian couple. Many of us say it's about time for a retcon!

Rogue stood in as the couple's adopted daughter instead but it just wasn't the same. Once Destiny was killed Mystique, too, never went back to being her old self. Her mental instability landed her in a hospital while she grieved her loved one, and many believe that she's never truly been in love ever since, making it much easier for her to use her affections as a weapon rather than give her heart to another.

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