X-Men: 10 Mutants Who Are Close To Being Omega-Level

One of the keywords in the world of the X-Men is "Omega." This is a word that describes the strongest, most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe. However, it takes more than just raw power to become an Omega level mutant. An Omega Level mutant is one that is so powerful that they defy classification.

There are even those mutants that are considered "beyond Omega level" such as Franklin Richards, X-Man, and Gabriel Summers. These characters are some that can disrupt time and space. However, Omega level mutants on the base level are ones who have one or more mutant powers that are beyond normal limits. Here is a look at 10 mutants who are close to becoming omega level.

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X-Men: 10 Mutants Who Are Close To Being Omega-Level
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X-Men: 10 Mutants Who Are Close To Being Omega-Level

Rogue has the power to absorb the powers of anyone she touches and the longer she touches them, the more powers (and memories and emotions) she absorbs. The downfall is that by absorbing memories and emotions, the more powerful she gets, the more unhinged she can become.

On the base level, Rogue is a basic mutant. She is super strong and can fly thanks to absorbing the powers of Captain Marvel and Wonder Man and taking so much that she kept many of them rather than losing them over time. However, if Rogue went bad and absorbed the powers of all the X-Men without losing her mind, she could quickly become an Omega level mutant.


X-Men: 10 Mutants Who Are Close To Being Omega-Level

Bishop is from an alternate future where mutant-hunting Sentinels took control of North America, and most of the X-Men are dead. He had to learn how to fight and survive and became a mighty warrior who then traveled back in time to try to stop his future from coming true.

Bishop's powers include energy conversion, where he can take energy from around him and then project it from his body in concussive blasts. He also has accelerated healing and endurance. The important thing to note is that there have never been limits defined on how much energy he can absorb, so he could become Omega level if he learned how to harness enough energy to increase all his physical attributes to limitless levels.


X-Men: 10 Mutants Who Are Close To Being Omega-Level

Psylocke is a telepath, but unlike Jean Grey, she has not achieved Omega level mutant powers yet. While Jean Grey can do immense damage to someone's mind with her powers and Charles Xavier has proven to have the skills to change anyone else's mind on a whim, Psylocke can use her powers as a telepath to shoot psionic daggers at people.

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Add in her ability to use astral projection, mind-control similar to Professor X, and the ability to paralyze someone's mind, and she is very similar to Jean Grey in the end. This means if she worked at it, Psylocke could become Omega level and one of the most dangerous mutants on the planet.


X-Men: 10 Mutants Who Are Close To Being Omega-Level

It seems almost sad that the most attention Darwin got was when he was part of the X-Men: First Class movie and then Sebastian Shaw killed him. The reason that is so discouraging is that Darwin is a very powerful mutant and one that deserved a lot more in the movie than to just sacrifice himself for the greater good.

Darwin has powers of self-protection, meaning that when someone tries to kill or hurt him, his body will mutate to save him. He is nearly immortal in the comics, and he even survived the death touch by Hela at one point. His powers are also smart. Knowing he could not beat Hulk, his mutant powers teleported him away to save him. Here is the key -- the more severe the danger, the more powerful he can become and that is an Omega level talent.


X-Men: 10 Mutants Who Are Close To Being Omega-Level

Here is the thing to remember about Monet St. Croix. She is better than everyone else. That is actually what her mutant power is. Known as M,  St. Croix has the mutant power to become a near-perfect human being, whatever that happens to mean at the time. She has superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and reflexes -- all greatest than the finest human athlete.

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She has a healing factor, enhanced senses, and has a brain that works as accelerated speed to solve any problem set in front of her. She can also fly, is a telepath, has telekinesis, and can sense other mutants. As long as her powers to be better than everyone around her continues to build, Monet will be Omega level soon.


X-Men: 10 Mutants Who Are Close To Being Omega-Level

Magneto is considered one of the most powerful and dangerous mutants alive. He was the greatest threat to the X-Men and has stood toe-to-toe with just about every superhero in Marvel -- losing on very rare occasions. With that said, he is not an Omega level mutant and is only considered Alpha level.

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Though he has been around since the early days of the X-Men, he never evolved into an Omega level mutant so many believe that it will never happen. After the Avengers vs. X-Men series, his powers reduced, even more, making a rise to Omega level even less likely. However, he is someone who gets what he wants and if he ever set out to prove himself, never count Magneto out.


X-Men: 10 Mutants Who Are Close To Being Omega-Level

Everyone talks about Cyclops and his role both as a member of the X-Men and his role later as a mutant terrorist. However, when it comes to the Summers family, he wasn't the only mutant, and his brother Havoc might have him beat in raw power.

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Havoc has the mutant ability to absorb cosmic energy into his body and then use it to create blasts that range from damaging to utterly destructive. There is no known limit to how much energy Havoc can absorb, so if he somehow absorbs the energy from a star, which he has done before, he could possibly destroy an entire planet, theoretically. That would make him Omega level instantly.


X-Men: 10 Mutants Who Are Close To Being Omega-Level

Gambit gets a lot of flack. He was one of the most popular members of the X-Men in the '90s, although his on-again/off-again love story with Rogue started to cause some backlash. While he still has a lot of fans today, mostly from those fans from the '90s who never gave up on him, Gambit is not as in demand in today's Marvel Universe.

With that said, he has some impressive powers. His mutant ability is to charge objects that he can then use as weapons. This will never allow him to become Omega level on its own -- no matter how much he charges something. However, an alternate world version of Gambit (Earth-9921) showed that with practice and training, he could become more powerful than a god and eclipse Omega level.


X-Men: 10 Mutants Who Are Close To Being Omega-Level

Polaris is the daughter of Magneto, and that makes her powers very impressive. At the moment, she is an Alpha level mutant, but much like her dad, she has the potential to possibly one day break through to the Omega level thanks to the fact she has both a primary and secondary mutation.

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Her primary mutation is the same as her dad -- the ability to manipulate magnetic fields. She has yet to reach the levels of control of Magneto, but that does not mean she never will. When Apocalypse grafted Celestial tech to her spine, she gained her powers back after M-Day. She also has the secondary mutant ability to absorb energy and increase her magnetic control, which almost allowed her to move an island into space. That sounds Omega level.


X-Men: 10 Mutants Who Are Close To Being Omega-Level

Charles Xavier is an Omega-level telepath, but he is only an Alpha level mutant. He has the most powerful brain in all existence and is the world's most powerful telepath. With that said, outside of the skills of a telepath, his powers remain Alpha level among mutants, and even Jean Grey surpassed him to become Omega level.

With that in mind, there is no reason that Charles can't go full Omega level if he cuts loose and holds nothing back. He has proven he can mold a person's mind to his whims with little difficulty and when he went to his dark side and Onslaught created, that was Omega level. However, thanks to his moral compass, he never became an Omega level mutant on his own.

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