X-Men Movie Franchise Timeline Gets Recap Rap Video

The X-Men franchise of films has a super complicated timeline at best. With three in the original trilogy, three prequel movies and three solo Wolverine films it was bound to be a bit difficult to sort out. Throw in all the memory loss, timeline resets and recasting of familiar characters and even fans of the franchise can sometimes have difficulty sorting out who kissed who when and then maybe wound up killing them.

The Warp Zone is a YouTube channel that features a lot of geeky content, a lot of musical content and a lot of geeky content. It's only natural that from time to time this content should crossover. They have a series called "Recap Rap" where they break down fictional timelines that are difficult to understand - X-Men got this very treatment.

The Warp Zone debuted a video called "Every X-MEN Movie in 2 Minutes! (RECAP RAPS)", which recaps all eight movies that are currently available (Logan doesn't open until Friday) in chronological order. They even address the aging of Wolverine and how that makes things a tad muddled. It is both refreshing and a bit disappointing to see the timeline of the X-Men movie laid out so clearly and to understand just how fully anything resembling continuity was ignored - particularly in the construction of the First Class trilogy.

X-Men Days of Future Past cast

Bryan Singer has helmed the X-Men franchise since the first movie in 2000 and would certainly be the person to blame, if fans were looking for one. The X-Men "Recap Rap" makes it clear that he crossed his own streams when he picked up directorial duties again with X-Men: Days of Future Past that makes a couple different appearances throughout the song. Coming in a close second would be Hugh Jackman's Wolverine character who shows up in over 100 years of continuity. That's right, this video covers over 100 years of history in two minutes.

The song is hilarious, no doubt about it. It lampoons the X-Men movies, while at the same time tipping its hat to all the things about it that has kept fans returning to movie theaters for almost 17 years. Besides, an overly complicated movie timeline for this property in particular really just nods back to the incredibly confusing comic book continuity Marvel readers have had to contend with since 1963.

On the other hand, two minutes is a really short time to be able to digest all of the observations and information laid down here. Interested parties will probably have to watch the rap through a couple times before they can completely straighten the major movie events out in their own mind. Not to mention the fact that the entire song may need rewriting as soon as Logan opens.

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Source: The Warp Zone

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