The X-Men & Magneto Loom Over The Gifted Season 1 Finale Trailer

The X-Men and Magneto are heavily referenced in The Gifted season 1 finale trailer. In its first 11 episodes, The Gifted has provided fans with occasional references to the X-Men, but has been careful to avoid mentioning any particular character associated with the team. The two-hour season finale is taking a step further by finally acknowledging that Magneto is the father of Polaris (Emma Dumont). The new trailer for the season finale further teases that the X-Men have "left something behind."

The Gifted, which features three prominent characters from the X-Men universe, has shown viewers a world where mutants live in persecution, but no longer with the aid of the X-Men. The X-Men have vanished, leaving mutants to fend for themselves against the mutant-hunting organization known as Sentinel Services. The only people standing up to Sentinel Services is the mutant underground. Prior to their disappearance, the X-Men selected Thunderbird (Blair Redford) and Polaris to be the leaders of the resistance.

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The show's connections to the X-Men are on full display in a trailer for the two-hour season finale, which consists of two episodes, "eXtraction" and "X-roads". The trailer shows Polaris in a conversation with a mysterious woman who begins discussing the X-Men. According to the woman, the X-Men "left something behind." The trailer doesn't reveal what the woman wants with Polaris, only that she and the people she works for need people like Polaris. Esme (Skyler Samuels) reminds viewers of Polaris' heritage by telling her that she's just like her father. Also, we see Thunderbird saying "this is why the X-Men chose us."

Michael Fassbender and Emma Dumont The Gifted

Comments made last week by Emma Dumont revealed that the season finale will finally explore Polaris' connection to the Master of Magnetism. The episode will open with a flashback that will explain some of the character's backstory. Later on, we'll find out how she feels about her father. According to Dumont, Polaris "kind of hates" Magneto, based on what she's been told about him. However, Polaris will be troubled by the fact that she believes in some of the same principles that he does. This will lead Polaris into making an important decision.

Though the comic book version of Polaris is commonly regarded as a hero, it could be that The Gifted is prepared to take the character into an entirely different direction by having her follow in the footsteps of her father.

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The first season of The Gifted concludes with a two-hour season finale January 15 on FOX.

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