X-Men: 15 Things Only True Fans Know About Magneto's Armor

For fans of the X-Men, it should come as no surprise that the powerful mutant known as Magneto has some an exceptionally interesting backstory. One of the reasons fans of the character like him so much is because of his amazing powers he wields, as well as his super protective armor he wears.

Of course, being a Omega mutant in a Marvel universe full of powerful characters, you would expect Magneto to be an exceptionally strong character. He most certainly is, but he may be more powerful than you even think. Magneto is widely known for being super strong and full of power, being able to stand a chance against nearly any mutant. Nearly every ability he has is thanks to both his armor and his mutant origins. Many powers that Magneto possesses are eligible for inclusion on this list, as he often cannot use them without wearing his armor.

Upon first glance, it may seem as though Magneto’s armor is nothing out of the ordinary for an X-Men character, but if you think that way, you would be absolutely wrong. As it turns out, the armor that is worn by the mutant has some pretty interesting and widely unknown origins that only the most hardcore fans of the character will be aware of.

Here are 15 Things Only True Fans Know About Magneto's Armor.

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15 His Helmet Can Protect Him From Telepathy

It is safe to say that, in the X-Men universe where dozens of superheroes and supervillains alike are mutants, each character would have their own unique abilities and powers that make them stand out and be unique from everybody else in the universe. A strong power that is held by many mutants such as Apocalypse, Adam Warlock, Psylocke, Professor X, and more, is the power of telepathy.

Telepathy is the act of reading and or communicating thoughts in strange ways, and allows the individual to read minds. It is probably a good thing that the all-powerful Magneto can withstand any telepathic spells used on him, all thanks to his trusty signature helmet.

The helmet that blocks telepathy would come extremely handy when Magneto goes head-to-head with mutants such as Apocalypse, as Magneto would remain unaffected by his telepathic commands.

14 The Helmet Was Constructed By Russian Scientists

X-Men Days of Future Past Trailer - Magneto Helmet

Without his trusty helmet, it is more than likely that Magneto would not be anywhere near as powerful and destructive. He wears his helmet into practically every single battle, but who does he have to thank for the creation of his helmet? That would be Russian scientists

The helmet worn by Magneto was built in the 1960s by a group of Russian scientists.

They also gave the helmet the aforementioned ability to protect its wearer from telepathic commands from other individuals. After the helmet was constructed, it was given to Sebastian Shaw, a powerful mutant like Magneto. However, Shaw did not possess the helmet for long as, after Magneto and Shaw got into a colossal battle, Magneto took the helmet and kept it for himself.

13 The Helmet Can Be Made From Any Metal

X-Men Apocalypse Trailer Magneto Helmet

As would be expected since he is a powerful mutant constantly getting into tussles with other mutants and is strong due to his metallic characteristics, Magneto is actually able to create his signature helmet from any possible metal, if need be.

Even though Magneto sports a dangerous looking metallic outfit, the armor itself actually is not as protective as one would think.

In actuality, his helmet is what really makes him dangerous and sturdy. Since there are dozens of other powerful mutants in the X-Men universe, it should come as no surprise that there would be times in which Magneto would lose to a foe. If his helmet gets destroyed, all he needs to do is use his powers to summon a completely new and powerful helmet out of any metal.

12 It Once Made Him Able To Wield Mjolnir

Every single hardcore fan of the Marvel character Thor would tell you that only Thor himself and other characters that are considered worthy have the ability to wield Thor's mighty hammer Mjolnir. As it turns out, this may not be entirely true.

Even though Magneto is unable to lift Mjolnir in the canonical Marvel universe, he actually is able to pick up Thor's hammer in the Ultimate Universe.

The only reason Magneto was unable to lift the hammer and use it was because in the Ultimate Universe, the laws of worthiness do not apply to Mjolnir. Also Magneto's super strong armor gave him the strength to lift and use the destructive weapon.

11 It Allows Him To Control Earthquakes

X-Men Apocalypse Trailer Magneto Suit

Sometimes, when Magneto is caught up in the middle of a catastrophic battle where he is facing off against another mighty mutant, he will summon earthquakes and also cause volcanoes to erupt if he really wants to bring down his enemy. This would not be possible of course without his super strong armor.

This super powerpomes in handy, as if Magneto was battling with a ridiculously strong opponent such as Apocalypse, he is going to need the upper hand. As seen in the 2016 film X-Men: Apocalypse, as well as in comic books, Apocalypse is an extremely tough villain to go up against, but if Magneto were to summon earthquakes, it may give him the ability to stop Apocalypse if he ever gets caught in battle.

By summoning earthquakes and causing eruptions from volcanoes, it may actually allow Magneto to win dozens of fights that he may not have otherwise.

10 He Can Transform His Helmet Into Projectiles

It appears that Magneto's extraordinarily durable and striking helmet can do even more crazy and unpredictable things if he ever gets caught up in a sticky situation.

It has been demonstrated in comic books that Magneto has the extremely reliable superpower to turn his helmet into dozens of projectiles to fire at his opponents at will. This type of ability would definitely provide Magneto with the capability to win nearly every fight he gets into, as one second he would be using his traditional fighting style on his foe, then suddenly, the opponent would be attacked by a barrage of missiles.

Not only would doing this severely damage the opponent (or possibly destroy them), but it would also show them that when it comes to Magneto's helmet, it seems as if the possibilities are endless as for what it can do.

9 It Allowed Him To Save Kitty Pryde

Even though Magneto is most commonly viewed as a villain throughout most of his appearances in comic books and films, if he feels it is necessary, he will assist the superheroes. Such was the case when he saved mutant superhero Katherine Anne "Kitty" Pryde. How did he do this exactly? By meditating for over twenty-four hours to stop a bullet from travelling at light speed from deep space to Earth which would have destroyed Kitty Pryde.

Many fans of the mighty Magneto may be aware of the fact that his armor makes him capable of meditating for long periods of time, but only hardcore fans will know about this time when he saved one of the most recogniziable female superhero mutants in the X-Men universe.

8 His Armor Made Him So Strong He Nearly Destroyed Wolverine

Magneto fighting Wolverine in X-Men Days of Future Past

Everybody who is a massive fan of the X-Men characters and the universe itself would more than likely tell you that Wolverine is one of the most powerful and unstoppable characters in the entire X-Men universe, due to his Adamantium-infused skeleton which provides him with immense power. Few characters in the universe can even come close to seriously harm Wolverine, and let alone destroy him. As it turns out, Magneto came dangerously close to doing exactly that. He did so in extremely brutal fashion too - he literally tore the ridiculously sturdy Adamantium from his body.

If it was not for Jean Grey, who was able to buy Wolverine some time so his healing abilities would kick in, it is likely that this beloved X-Men character would have met his demise.

7 It Allows Him To Reshape Any Metal

Even though it may not seem like a power that would come in handy when being a super evil villain who is set on destroying the entire world, conquering everything and stopping everyone who stands in your path, Magneto's strange but unique ability to reshape any metal is actually more useful than it may seem to be.

Let us say that he is facing off against a group of opponents and each one of them has metal on them, whether it be metal on their body, or they are using metal weapons.

Magneto can surprise his victims by literally bending metals to any shape - and crush them as well.

Next time a foe comes prepared to face Magneto with metal, they should try something different.

6 He Can Stop People From Moving

X-Men: Apocalypse Mutant Power Rankings Magneto

Magneto is a villain with many powers and abilities which have all been discussed here earlier. Many of the powers discussed will cause any opponent shock and terror, most particularly the abilities to bend any metal and crush it, turn his helmet into flying projectiles, and even control earthquakes and volcanoes.

His ability to genuinely stop anybody from moving their body in any way possible by controlling the iron in their body will surprise opponents.

This power more than likely would take a severe amount of strength and may even be difficult for Magneto to pull this technique off, but it is possible. It would certainly be surprising for a mutant to get into a tussle with Magneto when they suddenly are completely frozen, unable to even defend themselves.

5 It Allowed Him To Blanket The World With An Electromagnetic Field

It is most likely common knowledge for most people that Magneto's notable powers are his ones that allow him to control metals and use them to his will, whether it be stopping missiles from attacking him (as was seen in the 2011 film X-Men: First Class) or by using metal to create a weapon, shield, etc.

Only the biggest fans of Magneto would know that he can also control electromagnetic pulses and fields. In one instance, Magneto went so berserk and was in such a state of fury that he actually used his armor to generate an electromagnetic pulse that was so big that it blanketed the entire planet. It caused an immense amount of damage to the entire world and wiped out nearly everything.

4 It Can Turn Him Invisible

Magneto Enters Attilan Invisible

For any superhero or supervillain, one power that is sought after the most is more than likely the ability to be invisible, as it completely hides you from any unsuspecting foe that you want to sneak up on and take down without them even knowing what happened. As it turns out, thanks to his mutant abilities and because of his armor, Magneto is able to do exactly that.

It would certainly be a big shock to anybody in the entire universe if he invisibly snuck up on an unsuspecting mutant, and turned his helmet into projectiles, finishing his opponent off. It's not only a sneaky move, but also a fashionably brutal approach that will leave anybody planning on going up against Magneto terrified.

3 It Allowed Him To Lift A Nuclear Submarine

michael fassbender magneto x men first class

When you think of superheroes or supervillains who are absurdly strong, you more than likely first think of characters such as Superman, Thanos, Darkseid, Thor, etc., but Marvel's Magneto may be even stronger than you already thought.

This was demonstrated in the aforementioned film X-Men: First Class where Magneto (portrayed by Michael Fassbender) is attempting to lift Sebastian's Shaw's nuclear submarine, which is obviously extremely heavy.

Magneto seems to have been built to lift the submarine out of water.

Even though it appears that Magneto is struggling to lift it sometimes, he triumphs when he lifts it out of the bottom of the ocean and has it levitating above the sea. It is not only one of the best scenes in the film, but it is one of the most impressive things we have seen Magneto do.

2 He Can Regain His Strength

Sir Ian McKellen as Magneto in X Men Days of Future Past

Few things are more frightening for a superhero or a supervillain than them being in a colossal battle, and they are quickly losing all their strength, thinking that they may lose the fight, and possibly even die. Thanks to his strong armor and his mutant abilities, Magneto does not have to worry about being in this situation.

He can regain his strength by absorbing electromagnetic energy which then give him the ability to heal himself and regain all his powers.

It would have to take an extremely strong opponent to take down Magneto without giving him the chance to heal himself, as it seems he can do so very quickly. Some opponents may not be able to stop Magneto when he does this, as he would most certainly reuse this effect over and over again if it is necessary.

1 He Can Open Wormholes

As we've established with this list, Magneto and his armor can do some pretty crazy things with absolute ease, but few are more amazing than his ability to open up a wormhole in order for him to travel through the entire universe in an unbelievably short period of time.

This unique ability would definitely be useful if Magneto finds himself needing to quickly travel somewhere to do something like fighting the X-Men across the world.

All it would take is concentration and he could open up this wormhole to travel to the X-Men in a matter of seconds, getting there quickly, and starting the fight. Who knew Magneto's armor and powers could have so much power over time and space?


What else can Magneto's armor do in the X-Men movies and comics? Let us know in the comments.

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