Josh Brolin Excited For Cable's Long-Term X-Men Future

Josh Brolin is very excited to be playing the time-traveling mutant Cable in at least four upcoming X-Men movies. The actor is set to debut as the fan-favorite character in next summer's Deadpool 2. It was a casting decision that drew some interesting discussions over the fact that Brolin also portrays Thanos as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a separate world (and studio) from that of Fox's Deadpool. But he sure worked hard to prepare for the role, which he did by seriously bulking up.

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld took notice of Brolin's active social media pages and his promotion of Cable in a photo last month, continuing to build buzz for the performance. There's no question that Josh Brolin looks the part, but he admits that what drew to him to play Cable in Deadpool 2 - and subsequent X-Men films - is the writing and the overall tone of the project, which differs from much of his other work.

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Speaking to Collider, Brolin addressed the idea of performing as Cable in several productions over the next few years. The actor is reportedly signed on for four films, which could include Deadpool sequels and two installments of the planned X-Men spinoff X-Force. When asked what it's like to know that he could be playing Cable a lot in the near future, Brolin talked about how much he enjoyed Deadpool 2's comedic leanings and no-holds-barred nature. He sounds all-in on the next four films:

“We’ll call it our limited series. This is our limited series. Going back to really fun writing. It’s a great tone, anything goes. It’s a really fun stretch for me to be involved in that comedic community.”

Director David Leitch recently lauded the chemistry of Brolin and Ryan Reynolds in the Deadpool sequel. The dour Cable has always been a perfect comedic foil for Deadpool's frequent silliness. That dynamic between the characters is presumably what made Brolin interested in the film in the first place. Things have looked more intense in most of the actor's online posts about the character - like when he screamed at a smashed mirror - but the sense of humor will likely make or break the sequel.

Long one of Hollywood's busiest actors, Brolin practically shrugged off the idea of playing Cable for at least four successive projects. Brolin has shown plenty of dedication to the role and it's evident that he took pride in bringing Cable to life. It sounds like the "anything goes" atmosphere of Deadpool 2 inspired him and got his best possible performance.

Brolin also has plenty of serious material coming out. He's promoting the upcoming biopic Only The Brave and stars as George Jones in 2018's George and Tammy, the delays for which opened up Brolin's availability for Deadpool 2 in the first place. The actor may be quite active and varied in his work, but for Cable he appears fully committed.

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Source: Collider

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