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Logan hit theaters this week, and this final appearance of Hugh Jackman in his iconic role of Wolverine has everyone talking about his history with the character. He received a goodbye Wolverine photoshoot is giving, a motion poster showing Wolverine's evolution as the character over the years and the actor has talked about the possibility of seeing other actors play Wolverine in the future (as has Logan director James Mangold). Fans have been mourning the fact that the classic yellow costume never really made it onto the big screen, and with Logan getting rave reviews, we've talked about why it took so long to make a really great Wolverine movie.

As well as looking to the future of Wolverine within the X-Men franchise, we're also looking to the past, and have dug up a video one of Jackman's first reads as the character, before he got the part that would be the biggest of his career.

The video, posted on YouTube seven years ago, is an 11 minute clip of Jackman reading parts of several scenes from the original X-Men. The clip is titled, "Hugh Jackman auditions for the part of Wolverine in X-men," and captioned: "Hugh Jackman's first reading for Bryan Singer, 1999." Bryan Singer (the director of X-Men) does not appear on camera in the video, but we do hear him giving Jackman notes on the character of Wolverine.


Obviously, we know that Jackman got the part, although we can hear Singer at the end of the video saying "Alright, I've got to spin my wheels a little, and see how things go," before Jackman waves at the camera, which suggests that this video was indeed filmed before the role was officially his. The YouTuber who posted the video doesn't give any information about how he got the clips, and has only uploaded three other videos. All four feature Hugh Jackman, and all four are from 2009.

It's fascinating to see Jackman figuring out how he is going to play Wolverine, and talking about the character's motivation in scenes that we eventually saw in the 2000 film. He and Singer run through scenes with Rogue and Jean Grey, as well as talking through some of the ways that Wolverine will work on screen. This short video really gives us a fascinating look into the early days of this version of Logan, and how Jackman originally considered playing him.


The video isn't, however, anything new. This particular clip was uploaded to the video site several years ago, and was filmed in 1999, so its value is purely nostalgic. We saw the final versions of the scenes Jackman is reading here back in 2000, and we've seen him develop hugely since. Still, it's another great way to look back on an iconic character, and may inspire a re-watch of the first ever X-Men as well.

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Source: YouTube

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