10 Heroes Powerful Enough To Take Down The Phoenix

Dark Phoenix once again brought the classic Marvel storyline to the big screen, but which heroes can defeat the X-Men's cosmic entity?

While Dark Phoenix received mixed reviews from audiences, it bombed with critics and left many fans of X-Men's "Phoenix Saga" feeling hollow. It would seem as if Stranger Things is doing a better job covering the arc than the X-Men franchise. Murmurs of mutants at Comic-Con have fans hoping for yet more retcon magic, and if that ever involves Phoenix and X-Men in general, we hope it will be much more meaningful.

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Even if Dark Phoenix wasn't all we'd hoped it would be, the comic saga itself remains one of the best ever written, and it's still enjoyable to not only read those comics but to discuss which heroes could actually take down the Phoenix at some point.

10 Molecule Man

If the Watcher has his eye on you, you know you're a dangerous threat to the multiverse, and that's exactly what happened when the Watcher alerted the Fantastic Four to his presence. Previously his powers had been strong but not omnipotent, which later changed as his limitations were lifted over the years. Molecule Man could definitely take on the Phoenix.

9 Nebula (With Infinity Gauntlet)

Nebula with Infinity Gauntlet

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The Phoenix may be immortal, but the force isn't completely immune to every threat. The cost, however, would be great, as we've witnessed in Avengers: Endgame. Many of the heroes strong enough to use it would only be able to do so once, and it would be the last thing they do. The best outcome would be the end of both characters, not the Phoenix alone, but it could still be stopped this way with great sacrifice.

8 Thor Or Silver Surfer (With Editorial Help)

thor vs silver surfer

According to Dave Cockrum, "When we first introduced Phoenix, we wanted her to fight Thor or the Silver Surfer, but [Whoever was in charge at the time - Cockrum incorrectly attributed the decision to Jim Shooter, who was not yet Marvel Editor-in-Chief, so it couldn't have been him - BC] wouldn’t allow it. He said no female is going to beat Thor or the Silver Surfer. We kind of sneaked around him by sending her up against Firelord, who had once fought Thor to a standstill. We established her power levels that way."

Of course, Thor did clip the Phoenix's wings during a battle, forcing it to retreat, before.

7 Doctor Strange

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After seeing what he was capable of when he defeated Dread Dormammu, fans were still pretty shocked that he wasn't more prominently used against Thanos. That exhibition of the sorcerer's powers alone proves that the Phoenix should have a hard time against him.

6 Scarlet Witch

Wanda didn't act alone and had Hope Summers's help in the Avengers Vs. X-Men story, but it's quite possible that she could still take on the Phoenix alone, especially when she's at her strongest. As incredible as Captain Marvel is, it was almost insulting to see her needed so badly when Wanda was around. Scarlet Witch is one of the most woefully underused superheroes with some of the most powerful abilities in the MCU, and it would definitely be a fight worth watching.

5 Iron Man

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It worked, and like several mythological stories that parallel the force, it was broken up into different segments. Of course, instead of being buried throughout the world, these segments took on hosts of their own, but Tony was able to beat it temporarily.

4 Professor X

Professor X and Jean Grey in X-Men Dark Phoenix

Part of Charles's effectiveness on the Force comes not just from his own strength, however, but his connection with Jean, which has always run deep. That said, it's also used Chuck as a host before, and it's defeated him on multiple occasions.

3 Odin

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Odin's sword alone could destroy the universe as we know it. So, of course, he could beat the Phoenix in a fight. Literally a god, Odin makes enormous mistakes but does tend to rule much more benevolently and with a better head on his shoulders than the raw Phoenix force.

2 Prodigy

David Alleyne AKA Prodigy in Marvel Comics

Some have said that with this in mind, Rogue should also be able to defeat Phoenix, but we've seen the theory fail when Rogue attempted to use her powers on Silver Surfer in the past. She could definitely steal Jean's abilities, but not the Phoenix's.

1 Jean Grey


Some might argue that Wolverine has the strength to take her out; we've seen him do it in both the film and the comic book. But it was Jean's will that made it possible in the first place, proving that even if the force found a host powerful enough to withstand it, perhaps it also made a mistake in believing it could best her completely.

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