Possible 'X-Men: First Class' Trailer Description [Updated]

Official X-Men: First Class Story Description

Of the four major Marvel and DC superhero movies debuting this summer, two have already unveiled trailers and two have yet to. While we eagerly await our first real looks at Captain America: The First Avenger and X-Men: First Class, we at least have what may be a detailed play-by-play of what the trailer for the latter will present to fans.

The X-Men: First Class trailer has been expected to debut early this year for quite some time and recent rumors had it possibly playing attached to screenings of The Green Hornet this weekend. While we know that is not the case, we do know early unfinished versions of the X-Men: First Class trailer have been screened to a select few.

Ain't It Cool News confirmed from talking to director Matthew Vaughn that a few versions of the trailer have been shown, but that they have not finished selecting what will be shown in the official trailer. Daily Blam however, put up a post earlier this week claiming to have what may be a detailed description of how one of the test trailers plays out, including details on key characters and their powers. Here's what they had to say:

[As it turns out, the following description was spot on. Watch the X-Men: First Class trailer and see for yourself!]


  • Trailer opens with voiceovers by Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, reprising the recognizable voices of Magneto and Professor X, respectively.
  • We see young Erik Lensherr (Michael Fassbender) & Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) first meeting, them meeting Dr. Hank McCoy (Nicholas Hoult), interspersed with scenes of Erik angry and using his powers on objects and against people, with words of "One wanted peace" and "The other was too far gone" flashing on the screen.
  • We see shots of Azazel (Jason Flemyng), Nightcrawler's red-skinned father, taking out multiple people with swords and later, Havok (Lucas Till) firing red energy beams from his chest.
  • In between those shots, we also see the Hellfire Club, with Emma Frost (January Jones) standing beside Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) and "Man in Black" (Oliver Platt).
  • Emma's costume is described as being the same from her animated incarnation in Wolverine and the X-Men, while Shaw & are "black aristocratic clothes."
  • We see Hank McCoy in blue fur as the real Beast, flying the crashing Black Bird (from set photos earlier seen here) while incoming missiles head towards the island.
  • The final shot shows Erik putting on his Magneto costume, a black and red suit, followed by a black helmet.

No shots of Jennifer Lawrence's shape-shifting mutant, Mystique, Edi Gathegi's Darwin or Caleb Landry Jones' Banshee but it's best that they don't reveal all in the first teaser.

Now, compare this rumored trailer description to the X-Men: First Class synopsis we reported earlier. The footage sounds bad-ass, but then again, many thought the trailers for X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine were good. Those movies didn't match up.

With Matthew Vaughn directing and Bryan Singer back involved, we can put much more faith that they will deliver a much higher quality comic book movie than the last to franchise installments.

The real X-Men: First Class trailer will arrive in the very near future and it's possible that we'll see a trailer during the Super Bowl in February. Then we'll know if what's described above is accurate.

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X-Men: First Class opens in theaters June 3, 2011.

Sources: Daily Blam, AICN

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