New 'X-Men: First Class' Clips are All About The Action

Up until now, the clips from X-Men: First Class that have hit the Net have mostly been character focused, introducing us to Charles Xavier, Hank McCoy (Beast) and Mystique, respectively. These clips - along with some wonderful character trailers - have established that director Mattehw Vaughn has captured the essence of both the X-Men mythos and character themes in his film, but fans have another question on their minds as well: How good is the action?

Today, we have a slew of new clips from X-Men: First Class that showcase just a sliver of the mutant mayhem and action this movie will indeed offer.

If you don't know the story of First Class, here's what you need to know before you watch the clips:

In the 1950s, America and The Soviet Union are in the throes of the cold war. At the same time, a new species is starting to emerge known as "mutants," people with fantastic powers that separate them from average humans. Charles Xavier, a telepath, seeks to guide this new emerging species along to maturation, while working with the government to integrate mutants into human society. Charles' good friend Erik Lehnsherr, a victim of the Nazi concentration camps, does not believe that humans and mutants can ever co-exist. As these two great men come together to start a school for young mutants to master their powers, another mutant faction (led by ruthless mutant Sebastian Shaw) seeks to steer the powers of the Cold War into confrontation, in order to eradicate humanity and usher in the age of mutant supremacy.

In the clips below, you'll see the tense chess game that is at the center of First Class' plot, as well as some of the epic action, which (to us)  looks better than any X-Men movie that has come before. Check out the clips below:

Emma Frost - "Excellent Question"


"Sebastian Shaw Attacks"


"With Us or Against Us"


"Locating Shaw"


"Beach Attack"


At this point, there's little left to say: we here at Screen Rant have had high hopes  for X-Men: First Class since the beginning, and it looks as though our faith will pay off. Ironically enough, even though early reviews tout this film as the best of the franchise (or at the very least a close competitor for x2's crown), there are STILL some self-proclaimed X-Men fans casting heaps of negativity on Vaughn's vision of the X-Men universe. It's almost funny at this point. Beyond, questionable line delivery by January Jones, everything about this film looks more than solid.

As far as we're concerned, if the franchise stays in the hands of Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer going forward (See: First Class sequels as well as  X-Men 4 & X5), we're open to whatever new visions and ideas they want to explore. Count us in.

If you want to hear the cast and crew talk about how worried THEY were about how this movie turned out (and why they're so relieved about the finished product), go HERE.

X-Men: First Class will be in theaters on June 3rd.

Source: Marvel & Fox

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