Multiple Man in X-Men: First Class? Beast Re-Casting?

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Beastly Confusion

We just talked about a character yet to be cast - now let's change gears and talk about a potential mess surrounding a character who's already been cast.

The well-spoken and intelligent Beast was the first character locked down for the roster of X-Men: First Class with Ben Walker (28) signing on for the role. However, Fox is at it again and the actor has reportedly been dropped. Why? Fox exec Tom Rothman was "adamant" that the character be recast, likely due to the age of Walker.

All news regarding casting, director's choice, etc. thus far have been positive... up until now. With this report from Daily Mail, Fox has begun interfering with the creative and casting process. With Fox's track record in treating the franchise the way it has, and its severe drop in quality partially attributed to that, it's not comforting to see them going against the casting decisions of the actual filmmakers. I actually dug the choice of Walker and he'd easily be able to pull off the look of the character.

What will really make you shake your head is that after they dropped him, they tested a few other actors and now apparently want to re-offer him the part...


For me, Beast can be an older character since he's shown that way in X-Men 3 anyway. While Cyclops and Jean are meant to be in their late teens (likely played by actors in their early twenties), Beast and Emma Frost work as slightly more mature characters.

We'll let you know more on both Beast and Madrox as we hear it.

How do you feel about Multiple Man playing a part in X-Men: First Class and Fox's choice to drop Ben Walker?

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X-Men: First Class opens June 3, 2011.

Sources: CBM, Daily Mail

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