15 Most Disturbing X-Men Couples Ever, Ranked

Having special powers, odd skin colors and the desire to fight crime while wearing spandex aren't always the weirdest things about mutants. Sometimes the relationships that members of the X-Men, X-Force, and other X-teams find themselves in are even more bizarre than, say, having the ability to charge anything mutant ability.

Sometimes the very choice of a partner, whether it's a sibling or an android, is questionable. Other times, it's simply the way that partners treat one another that's so disturbing. As often as kids are told to not use Twilight books and films as their manual for a healthy relationship, there should probably be some kind of warning among the comic stacks as well.

The same goes for one-night stands: all's fair in love and comics as long as two consenting adults are at play, but when death and destruction follow in the wake of a hookup, you might call it unhealthy, to say the least.

Even the most beloved Marvel relationships have their incredibly inappropriate, toxic arcs, which often result in the separation of the couples in question, and the X-teams feature prime examples.

From the inexplicable to the downright scary, here are the 15 Most Disturbing X-Men Hookups.

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Juggernaut and She-Hulk Marvel
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15 She-Hulk And Juggernaut

Juggernaut and She-Hulk Marvel

Jennifer Walters was the human cousin of the Hulk before receiving his blood in a transfusion to save her life and transforming into She-Hulk, but she was also an intelligent lawyer. Unlike her cousin (at least throughout much of his history), she is able to retain her brains and brawn at the same time, making her a pretty awesome green goddess of a superhero.

She-Hulk is also known to have her share of lovers, and her history of hookups only serves to illustrate how in charge of her life Walters happens remains. From Luke Cage to Iron Man, she's no stranger to enjoying her body with the help of a fellow superhero.

But then she just had to sleep with Juggernaut. Some say that it was at least a funny twist, especially when he tells her that "sometimes women are just better than men," but others maintain that it's a huge insult to She-Hulk, who outwits Juggernaut by far. He's normally portrayed as a dundering dunce who wouldn't earn the time of day from someone like Walters.

14 Rogue And Magneto

Rogue Magneto X-Men romance Marvel kiss

How many years stand between Rogue and Magneto? Forty-ish? No matter; age is just a number. But Rogue marrying Magneto is wrong from every angle.

For starters, he was incredibly abusive toward her during her stint in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. They have a long, weird history together and he hasn't been very nice to Rogue during much of it, whether it was during the Brotherhood, their time in the Savage Lands, or even in the terrible movie where he exploited her powers.

Not that Rogue has had much luck with her other relationships, either. From sending her first boyfriend into a coma with her kiss to her on-again, off-again courtship with Gambit that was filled with lies, deception and even weird violence, she could use a break.

13 Nightcrawler And His Adopted Sister

Kurt Wagner Nightcrawler Amanda Sefton

They weren't siblings by blood, but Kurt Wagner grew up with Jimaine Szardos as an adoptive sibling when her mother, Margali, raised him as one of her own children. The two were close, so it was extra weird when the woman that Nightcrawler was dating, Amanda Sefton, turned out to be Szardos in disguise.

Knowing that his adopted sister was a witch might've clued Kurt in on some things (such as why she "got" him so well and seemed so familiar yet looked so different), but the real awkward moment happened after he discovered her true identity.

Most people would be furious at having been deceived like this, but Nightcrawler was practically overjoyed-- so happy, in fact, that he said he'd "be more demonstrative about it," but he didn't want to set a bad example for Kitty. Um, what?

He reaffirmed his love for Amanda (Jimaine?) after discovering the truth, apparently not caring that his lover had once been his sister.

12 Mystique And Azazel

Azazel X-Men

Prior to her cunning, selfish ways, Mystique was a pretty sympathetic character who longed for a child. When she learned about her husband's infertility, she took on different lovers as she attempted to conceive. When the demon Azazel seduced her, she seemed enamored with his charm, but it was soon revealed that he merely sought to impregnate lots of women in order to be able to return to Earth from his own realm. Although that wasn't a good reason to dump her baby in a river (she also simply hated poor Kurt's appearance), Raven's ire toward her lover was understandable.

While sex with a demon is pretty disturbing, Raven has had plenty of other weird sexual encounters. From Iceman to Deadpool, Sabretooth to Forge, Wolverine to his own son Daken, she's had a list of lovers that she mostly used for power plays and often attempted to murder. She even raped Fantomex by posting as Psylocke when she seduced him.

Many say that once Mystique lost Destiny, the love of her life, she could never truly love anyone again, and sex just became one of her weapons.

11 Kitty Pryde And Colossus

X-Men's Colossus and Kitty Pryde

God they are cute together, aren't they? They're so adorable that you can almost forget that he was an adult and met her when she was 12, which files their coupledom into the disturbing category rather than elevating it to a relationship goal.

When the pair first started dating, Colossus was 19 years old and Kitty, completely a minor at age 14, really shouldn't have been a love interest on his radar just yet. Fans pointed out that the Russian mutant would've been arrested for statutory rape had they not been comic characters, but they still lamented the loss of both Colossus and this romance when he died during the Fall of The Mutants story. The two were so popular that their pairing resurfaced in Astonishing X-Men.

Kitty also found herself in a pretty unhealthy relationship with secret agent Pete Wisdom, who pushed her away, left Excalibur, and started wearing an eye patch to look sexy because he's a douche.

10 Cable And Domino

Domino and Cable from Marvel Comics

Weren't Cable and Domino so hot together? No matter their pasts, they dominated the page when a panel featured them together-- whether they were in battle or in the bathtub.

They seemed to be a perfect match until the big revelation that the real Domino had been captured all along and Deadpool's demented ex, Copycat, had been posing as Cable's lover all along in order to infiltrate X-Force.

The betrayal that Cable experienced over this deception absolutely broke his heart, and even after making the rookie mistake of abandoning Domino and the rest of his teammates during an early mission with the Six Pack many years earlier (that took the real Domino some time to get over before working alongside him and trusting him again), Nathan never deserved anything like this.

Though he does share an attraction with the real Domino and the two do flirt and kiss, their relationship is never resolved.

9 Storm And Forge

Storm and Forge in X-men

Although they're arguably one of the sexiest Marvel couples, Storm and Forge were far from the healthiest. The scientist invented a machine that stole the weather goddess's powers from her, severing their bond beyond repair. Sure, they tried to mend it off and on after he destroyed his neutralizer and restored the powers of the love of his life, but it was really too late for anything to be saved between them.

Storm's other lovers haven't been any better. Like every other woman who has loved Wolverine, she experienced his emotional bankruptcy, temper and eventual disappointment, and when she married her beloved T'Challa, aka Black Panther, too, disappointed her by annulling their marriage when she sided with her teammates over him, coldly telling her only after the fact and breaking her heart.

8 Angel And Husk

Husk and Angel in X-Men

Ever had a parent walk in on you while you were making out with a lover? That's happened to plenty of X-Men, but there was that extra weird time when Angel and Husk flew up into the sky to get it on and dropped their clothes right on her mother.

Paige's mom walks away, totally revolted, as they practice some major exhibitionism in front of the entire team whilst frolicking in the clouds. It gives "When it rains, it pours" a completely disgusting new meaning. Sure, there's also an age difference, but 19 versus 31 really wouldn't matter if the two had remained an item until they reached the ages of 69 and 81.

As disturbing as the Angel/Husk hookup in the sky is, his on-again, off-again relationship with Psylocke also bears mentioning here. The two have been there for each other more often than most other teammates over the past couple of decades, but they've also been terrible for each other.

He tried to turn her into one of Apocalypse's horseman, Death, during the Dark Angel saga, and she had to kill him, resulting in one of the most poignant yet disturbing panels in X-history.

7 Beast And Trish Tilby

Beast Trish Tilby

Sure, Hank McCoy has had his share of power lust, ethical struggles, and general jerkery, but he's usually portrayed as one of the kindest and most sane X-Men. That makes his mutation, which renders having a love a complex issue, all the more cruel.

He's had a few girlfriends over the years (as well as teammate crushes, like his unrequited thing for Jean Grey) but he's often paired with non-mutants - almost as if it's some kind of window into normalcy for the big blue Beast.

When Beast fell hard for journalist Trish Tilby, it seemed like a great matc - until she insisted on making the Legacy Virus public news. Beast found it difficult to forgive Tilby for airing the news of Moira MacTaggart's infection from the virus on the news. Accusing her of anti-mutant sentiments, he broke up with her.

Although they later made up, she left him when his secondary mutation kicked in, proving that she was pretty anti-mutant after all. Tilby's excuse? She didn't want his new appearance to ruin her own. Who is the beast in this situation, again?

6 Havok And Annie

If a male nurse cared for a comatose patient and fell in love with her, the story would likely freak people out - and with good reason. Marvel figured it would be a great idea to write in a love interest for Alex Summers named Annie Ghazikhanian who did just that.

Annie ultimately chose her child and a life as far away from Havok and his teammates as possible, however, when her son Carter's life was in danger by association. Her departure from the comic seemed even more dangerous, though, as a sinister face appeared beside her son, controlling him without her knowledge. Nope, we have no idea whatever happened to them. Between the comatose love story and weird astral projection kid mind-control, the entire story was just too creepy.

5 Cyclops And Goblin Queen

Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madelyn Pryor

On the job, Cyclops has largely been known for his steadfast work ethic, always following Professor X's orders, leading the team, and sacrificing himself in the process (yeah, that's changed over recent years!). In his personal life, though, he's been the exact opposite, marrying the clone of his dead lover and tossing both her and their son to the curb as soon as Jean Grey appeared alive and (relatively) healthy.

No wonder Madelyne Pryor became the Goblin Queen! Could you blame her?

At least Scott did have a hand in raising Nathan later, alongside Jean, which was good since his mom tried to, you know, sacrifice him to demons, as moms sometimes do.

Summers has never been the best partner in any of his relationships, though. He cheated on Jean Grey with Emma Frost and may have done so with Psylocke (he at least thought about it).

4 Professor X And Moira MacTaggert

Charles Xavier Moira MacTaggart XMen Professor X

If you're going only by the films, Professor X and Moira MacTaggart seem like a lovely, lovey-dovey couple who complement one another. Then he turns all paternalistic on her (Mystique could've told her that) and wiped her mind, ignoring her own agency in the process. Then again, Charles is known for being a big jerk pretty often.

What would you say, however, if you knew that in the comics Charles was once married to Moira and then abandoned her and his child in order to pursue his own dreams? That's only in one story arc, but it's one of his less pristine moments.

Speaking of Mystique, who knew that she married Charles too? Apparently nobody, until his last will and testament were read aloud and it was revealed that he'd bequeathed the school to Darkholme. That's one relationship we'd love to know more about.

There's also Chuck's love of his life, the alien Lilandra of the Shi'ar Empire, not to mention his weird fixation on Jean Grey.

3 Wolverine and Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl and Wolverine Have History

Wolverine has a long history of leading women to their death by simply associating with them, being an emotionally unavailable jerk, and pretty much just sucking as a partner all around.

But Logan's most disturbing hookups are both of the underage variety, and in both instances he completely knew it was wrong.

There was the time that Jean Grey switched his mind with Peter Parker's (which was a jerk move on her part) as petty payback, enabling him to make out with Mary Jane Watson (and at least attempt to sleep with her, if not more).

There's also his history with Squirrel Girl, which is questionable, but as awkward as they are with one another it's an inference that plenty of fans make. She may have (hopefully) been in college at the time, but that incident with MJ makes most people wonder.

2 Siryn And Deadpool

Siryn and Deadpool

They were such a cute couple, but they were also doomed from the start. Deadpool and X-Force's Siryn had a fling born out of an expedient work relationship. Siryn helped the Merc with a Mouth tune into his kinder side but left everyone shocked when she coldly left him behind after an overnight fling, brusquely informing him that it was already over even as he planned a butterfly and moonbeam-filled life with her. Poor Wade.

Yeah, he did stalk her a bit by watching over her at night when he wanted to be near her and certain of her safety, but Siryn pretty much used him as a rebound after she lost Multiple Man.

Marvel poured salt in the wound (because they just can't resist when it comes to Pool) by giving him hope when Siryn aggressively came onto him, but after they'd slept together, Copycat revealed herself posing as the Irish mutant. When Wade demanded to know why, she pretty much said just because she could. '

Pool and Copycat have a pretty terrible history themselves, alternating between being in love, saving one another, and attempting to kill each other.

1 Quicksilver And Scarlet Witch

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Ew

There's really one word that sums up the relationship between Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in The Ultimates series, and that word is" twincest". Yep, the brother and sister get it on and become lovers during the series, which is creepy enough in and of itself, but Wolverine plays reluctant voyeur.

And it doesn't stop there. We also know that Wolvie had an affair with Magneto's lover, Magda, who happens to be the twins' mom... Although we've since then discovered many things about the twins (their powers are medical experiments, their parentage keeps changing, so who knows?), the fact that Logan could've been their dad, watching his kids have sex, is one of the most bizarre things Marvel has ever done, to say the least.

As of 2015, the twins have been retconned to have Django and Marya Maximoff as their parents once again, but that will probably change again someday.

As far as Wanda hooking up with Vision (android sex!) and Pietro having a child with an Inhuman, well... both seem pretty normal when compared with their relationship with each other.


Did we miss any other disturbing X-Men hook ups? Leave them in the comments!

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